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  1. It says "couldnt connict to the server " I play at us saphire
  2. Few days ago i got trade cheated by some sort of bug ! With my hero hermos i offered a set of arena conquerer runes for 25k and a player named "kingthras" made an exchanged with me he put the 25k gold and an item when i press done it said player bag full ! I canceled and pm him to free one slot and he said dont worry and we continued the trade and same thing happened he kept adding items and suddenly the tradement sucssesed but i got only 3k ! Even it said player bag full So i hope u invistigate this matter
  3. What do u mean by illegal characters? Characters here means players or "words " like duck --etc? And by the way i want to report a trde bug and cheater where should i post the report?
  4. i tried the new client v 3.02 that was linked in the forum in ths topic page 46 . Symbian one. And i did worked and got login without data catch. Created my paladin but couldnt play cuz many and heave lag Farmed b.g 2hs but also got heave slow conniction specialy at entering or exciting maps Also got the client crashed many times but i turned off the music and it worked a littel good The main prob nw is the heavy lagg witch wont be solved without server mintenance That was my report to gm Thanks and be waiting for better
  5. @gradex i havnt any intention to argue or fight with any1 here and i am sure you too . it is a game and it is only built for joy and fun . i knew that talking in forums brings many small " skirmishs" in opinions that is why i not writes here . and it is useful thing i learned from writing in other games forums witch i played b4 so sory any way for the methode of the last post and cheer up and enjoy ;-)
  6. gradex why dont you just go play with your whatever faction or just make new topic on other boards talk about the new things u meet or bla bla bla and leave the topic to the ppl and AIGRINDS employees to handle
  7. i think we users of s60v3&5 client are going to wait until the mid of next week means 3 days more to get the client without data catch bug or other bugs putting in mind that we even still talking about how geting inside of the game ! and we still didnt met the inside game bugs . i think the mid of the week is even ambitous expection
  8. in the day of 25 julay after i knew that the release was delayed because NOKIA didnt aproved the new client . i was angry to to nokia and cursed them tens of times but now i see their true point of view to refuse the client cuz this stupid data catch error with almost all symbian phones !
  9. thank you ( apreila ) for trying to help But my problem mainly with the data catch error It is not about that the game closes after downloading data . Cuz i stil have 3mb ram more . The RAM is used during the game play by entering maps or caves .. Etc This all didnt happend cuz i stil cant ineter inside the game itself and stil stuck with that data catch eror I think that somthing wrong with the client itself mybe
  10. Hye GMs and Dev 1st thanks and congrats on the release of ths awsom update 2ndly i have a critcal problem with the game that i can login the problem is * i play on s60v3 hp * i downloaded the new client v3.0 sucssisfuly and also correctly installed it on my phone * i started the game client normaly and tried login with my account * it starts to connict like usall . But then it says ( data catching ) * ofcuarse i let it download all the nesissary data needed until the progress bar full * after it full finsh data download it show a gain the interface image . And i expected that it will login normaly but it did not . It is just show me again the ( data catching ) and it start download data again * i tried to cancel the opperation in the 2nd time and restart the game again but it is the same * i also tried leting it full download the data and then close the game and re start it again without trying loging in after the download process but it also do the same ! ** and now what is the solution ? ? Another ipmortant question : is the 21mb RAM enough to play with the new client ( 24.xxmb ) ?? Please i need your help as soon as possible
  11. Greetings dear GM,and GD I am like any one else belive fundmentaly that the great point and target of this game and any other MMORPG is to gether players from all over the world , from all defernt countries , races , religations , in friendships to share together the fun and joy of the game and humanity union But ,becaus there is alwas who aim to spoil this great feelings and spread hatrade and dark feelings intentionally or not , so u as GM , AND GD have to make strong and strict stand to face who want to ruine the game itself and the upper target of unity of humanity So . I make this contnuos topic to report names of charcters that some players make to arose the bad and hate feelings and moaking and showing the disrespection to other : Nations Races Religations Human stright behaviors ----- And i strongly hope and think that you shall make the right thing to ( bunish or to rename or take any prober and justifull action that guarnte the continuos of brotherly and friendly ingame society and saving the human freedom itself ) ---- And to other players , My friends in this game, i hope that you cooperate and feed this topic with reports of who break the rules and tring to ruin our game ----- And i start the 1st report of offensive names ---- *Character name : Xxxallahxxx *Server : Us saphare *Class : ranger (lvl 14 ) * reason ( the name is the Muslims God Nane ,)
  12. i dont think it is the update ! But since a developer said it is important + beliving he is honest this time Then it means that the update is so close ! Maybe within this month
  13. Hahaha talking about spelling words correctly " children" has no " s " not " childrens " like u saied go school kid !
  14. R u drunk ! Or u lost sensation of time? I hate it when sm1 act like wise in stupid situations Wake up ! It is more than 3 hours passed now ! And it is just a mintance ! No updating ! No new features ! Just a regular mintance! Time ! And time ! Z z z z z
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