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  1. :facepalm: funny how she speaks of traitors once sshe got both her boots then took over my acct hahaha hey eisha you should sue esilix n bloody I hear they making money off ur vids then ask adonis how much he bought smofa off me for ;-) that esilix ducker is one smart cookie how he does it I just dont know :spiteful:
  2. :diablo: bone bridge by vampires close to last town on 1st island
  3. :bomb: :bomb: damm it looks empty :bomb: :bomb:
  4. :rofl: :rofl: looking like a champ while i attack :spiteful:
  5. :shok: :rofl: i didnt know a level 12 could have 2k hp!!!!! :rofl: :shok:
  6. :mega_shok: 85 % of the time when i use skills i force close, crossing lag real bad,causes death if running by monsters,noticed several map bugs where it highlights green for a quest in the wrong area, so far one on forsaken first island and the other on the second isle first town quest,i realise there is still some kinks needed to get fixed but i thought i would give my observations,also no music plays on my iphone or sounds of swords and skills being used, people attacking, but on pc it does, maybe my iphone crap :facepalm: or maybe soundfiles on game not insync with me device either way I LOVE the UPDATE DK RULES!!!!! :diablo: :diablo: :dirol:
  7. :blush: forsaken class stole my heart :yahoo:
  8. :clapping: we shattered old recond for most at fourum at once :bomb: :clapping:
  9. ;D 8) :yahoo: :blush: :clapping: frickin A i wanna play toooo >:D >:D
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