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  1. Hello Nolan, it was good to open this topic! I see some outdated things and one of them and the option to "trade" with characters. In addition to being a small exchange bar, very few things can fit. They could expand the "trade" bar further and appear the entire bag in a way to specify the whole bag and select what you want to exchange! A viable option, too, is the description of the more specific skills, they could create a system to better explain each skill and its function. I think new players would be more aware of their desired classes. One factor that is out of date is th
  2. I don't disagree with anyone about the game. I see the legion asking for "nerf" but they don't want to invest in their characters. They want to compare class +10 with +5. Anyway, almost nobody sees the amplifications and books. I really hope that the developers correct and readjust the classes mentioned in all topics!
  3. Partiality is what I'm seeing ... Legion asked for nerf and they negated the game in the "play story" and "were heard", now sentries ask for corrections and are called "crazy people" .. like the kiss from the dk that was super normal seeing you?
  4. Do you think it is fair for a forum moderator to incite social networks to deny the game in the "play story" so that they can be heard? Knowing that everything is resolved here? Comic! I see several old players stop playing, because the game is repetitive and there is no fair term when it comes to readjusting classes and confrontation modes. Who loses with all this uproar is Warspear!
  5. I see you as a partial moderator to your "legion" faction. At the time of "nerf mage and wd", you were there evaluating 1 star in the "playstory" and encouraging everyone to do the same! Shame on others!
  6. Yes, the game is directed in teams and expeditions in towers. The moment this interferes with the thousands of players or harms a faction, it should be analyzed what the players are saying and study the possibilities of having disadvantages in the confrontations and how adjustments were made previously. On the BR-Tourmaline server, the Legião clan, they even protested against and evaluated the "warspear" in the play story with 1 star, to be noticed the disadvantages they had! that was unfair, in my view! Now I hope you see the sentinels' side and yes, always try to keep the game as balanced
  7. Nolan, but the game itself is based on GvG and Wars. Player vs. Player is another situation! The game is competitive and the skills and mechanics of the aforementioned ones need to be analyzed. Not only the shaman, but also the warlock, chief and hunter. They are well placed, but their skills are out of the ordinary, as no one had tested it yet, nor in "server test" were they adjusted or used in a faithful way that shows an ideal fit for such occasions!
  8. Hello dear players! I come here to suggest a system model similar to the one we have with items. I think they could implement the "Unbind" function in rare books, as it is a waste to have to replace a very valuable and difficult to get book. I understand that today, there are not many players with complete sets of rare books, but I think this idea would help a lot not to lose such books or even if you use them by mistake!🙏
  9. In the last update, the "mcs" made several posts and complaints asking for "nerf mage and wd" now that we are asking for adjustments, do they not accept it? they were even in the Playstore negating the game with (1 star) in order to damage the reputation of warspear to have their own benefit within the game ... I think that now, the chief, Hunter, Warlock, shaman in question of GvG must be readjusted. and heavy combat in territorial disputes!
  10. Shall we talk about the "zone of weakness" of warlock? I think it was a mistake by aigrind to put this skill with everything that the warlock already has, because it really gets unbalanced in GvG and in a matter of long fights! Shall we talk about Hunter? The Skill "forester's trap" the proportion of crashes and several consecutive hits, this in a GvG ends up being unfair for obvious and real reasons within the combat. A +10 player dies in a direct confrontation against 5x "forester's trap" without even touching the "hunter" is it fair? just see what you have created!
  11. Seguinte, os drops estão bem "pobre" falo isso não em questão dos "raros" e sim, os valores pagos pelos NPCs, justamente pela dificuldade de dropar e cada vez mais difícil vende-los aos jogadores. Acho que seria justo um reajuste de valores pagos pelos NPCs por cada item! Um ponto também, seria referente a "dg mermem", não pedindo para liberarem mais os itens 32, e sim os recursos que são dropados (pots, recursos de craft, pergaminhos e barras) melhorar a quantidade e o valor recebido ao vende-los para o NPC. Exemplo: Faço 4 horas de dg e no final não dropo nenhum item raro, mas a quantia de r
  12. Isso pode ser implementado no npc do castelo... Ter registro e controle do que se pega, pois não tem como saber se alguém pegou e pagou enquanto o responsável estava offline... 💰😁
  13. Devido aos afks ou pessoas que entregam a vitória propositalmente, poderiam implementar um sistema para detectar se o jogador está afk ou se foi de proposito na arena. Pelo menos no servidor BR, está tendo um abuso com os jogadores, uns se beneficiando de outros na competida arena, demandando level baixo ou o famoso afk! Séria justo ter uma penalidade equivalente de 1 hora sem poder demandar caso seja detectado o jogador afk ou entregando a vitória! Poderiam também junto ao personagem, ter o sistema de "reportar" falas e supostos abusos de tal jogador, tanto na arena quanto ao rest
  14. A fact that I am in doubt, and the second phase has less time and this ends up tightening the low level guilds. The right portal, going to the second phase, it just doesn't appear and we have to go back to the beginning, so, the time is short to kill the final boss! I await communication!
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