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  1. You are looking at the individual side of chieftain. As the game is team-based, the chief needs someone to stun and he and other chieftains will do the combo perfectly. Overall, the legion has the best control skills, thus being relentless when controlling in area. Chieftain is raw area damage, thus being even superior to mage.
  2. But that doesn't make any sense. Neither class should kill another easily. Chieftain is a class with a combo of the best classes (Mage Ennoblement, Priest's Redemption, Barbarian's Stone Skin, and a higher healing than the Priest, gross damage almost equal to that of the Blade Dancer). With little investment, without much effort, chieftain is already a class far superior to others!
  3. Um grande fator de se jogar com o mago é o grande arsenal de habilidades de dano em área do mago. Eu não vejo o mago como uma classe ruim. Mas com o decorrer dos anos, o mago veio a se tornar uma classe de hype e com pouco investimento de tempo e dinheiro, foi sendo por anos uma classe muito forte mesmo sendo menos amplificada, que é a atual situação do cacique hoje. Justamente para motivar e movimentar o lado da legião. Acho que sim, essas sugestões são até viáveis aos meus olhos, mas se comparar com o poder do mago em dano em área (isso que frustrava a legião) vem forçando a investirem mais no mago, mas não é uma classe nem de longe a mais nerfada. Infelizmente muitas classes estão sendo esquecidas, mas o mago não será, pois em conjunto com outros magos, o poder de combate e dano em área é bem aceitável. Acho que não tem o que nerfar mais e nem buffar, o que pode ser feito é retrabalhar essas habilidades mencionadas.
  4. You named 3 players who are at the top of the class as they have the full set of greatness and several rare books. I think the focus is on classes and not on someone specific. A class that doesn't need much investment is the chieftain, for being new it still needs some adjustments. Chieftain is damage, support and tank class? Anyway, there is still a lot to be done to "balance" warspear.
  5. There's nothing to climb below, the game is for teams. a +7 or +10 paladin is ineffective alone. You want to compare 1x1 and you can't explain it. Sacred shield is only used on the ally and the paladin alone will have no one to turn to for this. In GvG it will be different, as teams will be able to remove or ignore hundreds of positive and negative abilities. I think you could gather the 130 players who were part of your research and record a video with them, to make this topic clearer, as it has been quite confusing to classify the characters without a real assessment of what each one mentioned. I think it would be fairer. We would surely see the "great power of control and healing" of the paladin.
  6. Well, arena competition is quite a different thing, I don't see +7 paladins in arena ranks. Even because it needs to have a good amplification because it's something very competitive. At 100x100 it's quite different as it needs more combat power and paladin doesn't have much damage for being tank/support. But it all depends on what is being used (strength potions, cards, elixir). If you compare in general, playing as a paladin is quite complex, because the enemy is not exactly like the others. Big competitions tend to have the best players and being less amplified won't help. AoE control doesn't pick up at all for having limit and for (resist buffs used).
  7. So far I haven't seen any video of several +7 paladins winning anything. If comparing by our server, and a specific guild, we have great well equipped and amplified paladins. In a general character, it has to be well equipped to be relevant. Heavy set 32 is at its peak and everyone who uses it has their resistances increased. The paladin's healing is not high compared to healers. After all, the paladin is a tank/support and is not even close to a shaman who heals practically everyone in his area. To do all this damage you are mentioned, you have to have at least 40x paladins added to the mages using ennoblement. That's why it has been so relevant in GvG/War
  8. Hello! I'm Paladin and I don't see it all. (Obviously I'm full +10 Greatness Set and full of rare books) But I don't see all that power for the charm and paladin to be classified as "rank S". To become a dangerous player in warspear, you have to invest a lot, and I don't see that in players (+6+7) I thought what is being posted here is wrong. Example: Paladin +7 with 6k life, the ability "sacred shield" would not save you in large amounts of damage in area, just because it does not have high defenses, since the game mode is in the "hype" of damage in area . Also for the charm, that its effectiveness is in 1x1 because they have advantages in creating several dogs. This goes for all classes, no amplification and its high defenses, the class has no resistance in combat. Private opinion: Warspear needs a lot of balance, but I see that the game mode is in big competitions (GvGs, Wars), but on the whole, I think if it's to take into account everything they say about the characters, they should rework all the characters and start from scratch, thus looking for a way to balance something they ask for. (I see that in the near future this will be necessary). I don't see a +7 paladin/charm being a threat to anyone, however the Warlock/Mage are much more aggressive because they have a lot of area control in GvG which is the focus of the current game, and the chief for being very strong and resistant in big competition matches.
  9. Buckrudy

    Bug healing

    Skill is healing more than 4 players! But I would like to leave a suggestion: You could take this cure from pets and NPCs, only heal players! @Nolan @Holmes @Hedfuc
  10. Vai lá com o seu "grande cérebro" e mata um warlock. 1x1 não faz parte de uma avaliação, pois o jogo depende de muito mais para ser jogado. Até onde sei, só BD que "mata" warlock, por causa do resistir e por ser a maior classe dmg. De resto, não vejo ngm mais tendo facilidade contra warlock.
  11. Vale lembrar que o jogo é voltado para em (equipe) tanto PvE, quanto PvP. Cada classe é importante ou muito "roubada" em determinada situação. Vejo vários falando de Warlock, mas 10x Warlocks ganham o GvG sozinhos por terem muito controle. Agora de um geral, todos querem ter sua classe "imortal" mas se esquecem da essência que é o warspear e preferem ter sua classe bugada ou "desbalanceada" por causa de 1x1 com players. Enfim, não tendo classe +1 dominando o jogo de novo já estaria de bom tamanho.
  12. E talvez você seja um dos jogadores que usam conta afk para se beneficiarem dos jogadores para subir rank. Só quem faz um jogo justo concorda com o que foi mencionado no tópico para um novo sistema.
  13. The topic was closed for not being 100% in English and for not having more to be added. We look forward to more than a "fix". Hopefully there will be more speed in fixing something in the game and more commitment to our players. Don't forget to look at what we're talking about. @Holmes @Hedfuc
  14. Bem, aparentemente 1% vai ser feito. Vamos esperar as atualizações decorrentes.
  15. Hello dear players. Will we see an update of these "prizes" in upcoming tournaments? Does anyone remember when they received costumes too? It's been a decade since we've seen an update in this regard. May harad touch the hearts of our developers and give us more news than we expect. Could increase received crystals, chests, pets. These crystals are outdated and of little use! I hope not only for class fixes, but also for various in-game events and rewards.
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