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  1. What boyfriend? you jealous cause I have a girlfriend and you still stuck at trying to tell a girl you like her?
  2. learn to make your own macros bro
  3. Why you guys blame FoF for this? Multi clan?? ducking retards :facepalm: sounds like you are the bad guys, Spamming forum with FoF shit and saying they disturb you I know how a guilty person acts so don't start ♥♥♥♥♥ing, I think it's already obvious since 1. you blamed the whole FoF when this thing had NOTHING clan related 2. you started spamming forum about fof this fof that 3. you started insulting them in forum 4. you started pointing fingers at other people who had NOTHING to do with this Next time put more proof, Like them actual DISTURBING you guys, not a picture of many people at maraksha :facepalm: Show the screen when they arrived and stole the boss, or if they reseted it, or anything related to DISTURB Your proofs make no sense at all
  4. You can suck my Macros bro :good: more coming soon :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:
  5. Blade dancers aren't bad, compare them with a rogue, they have more HP, more Damage, more defense and they can attack the enemy while he is disabled, " but rogue has stealth " is what everyone says, but what are the benefits from this? BD still have many HP and Def so a cheap shot won't do any good, I see rogues pwning asses, why can't BDs do the same? well ofcourse, it's because they charge in like idiots thinking they have infinite HP, a bladedancer can be even more dangerous than a rogue especially in crossing, and why is everything about arenas? is arena the MAIN place where we do our PvP? learn the full potentials of a Bladedancer before you start crying, do you even know what SAP is? it's like +15% armour :facepalm: only bad thing in a BD is Aggression same with Barb, the most FAIL skill in this game, it's like -1 skill for barbs and bds :facepalm:
  6. I think he got it back, oh wait, no, that is a straw :rofl:
  7. Don't flood, use search :facepalm: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=29447.0
  8. Sulla needs a emo thread, to fix his broken heart :lol:
  9. even 2 rangers could kill a boss, too bad they didn't abuse their powers, now it's too late :lol:
  10. no no no, I'm sure drama happens in movies only, let us watch and listen, or maybe wait till the actors are online for the drama shooting :search:
  11. I've killed Granite with 2 BD's v. 1.5, not so hard when he was weak :lol:
  12. only idiots have gold names :facepalm:
  13. you started this gay chat, see again who first started it :lol:
  14. you know what real means? :lol:
  15. see sakrays pic of snorlax and some people saw Kuz on emerald too
  16. who needs proof when it's all real?
  17. snorlax and kuzmitch uses red
  18. yes indeed, I shall go WoWing, Sulla prefers Warspear, he says cause his " reason " of playing warspear is " online " and he says that when someone named Sh.... is online :lol: grats on your winning 500 mcoins go buy yourself a panda suit :tease:
  19. oh, there are many people at emerald with names similar to kuzmitch, must be real him since Zhark saw real kuzmitch on sapphire with same name. they spam trade chat saying they give rewards etc. :wacko:
  20. That's not real Kuzmitch, Think, would a Developer spam trade chat trying to seek attention? and the devs IGN are colour red just as Elandir said
  22. Someone is a bit jealous, What's the matter? you heartbroken now cause you where too scared to say it earlier? now your too late :lol:
  23. mercurial

    Amp System

    well you shouldn't have, this is the trap, they make success rate even lower than BG drop rates. then players don't even know about this and buy like 20 signs, they get +3 weapons and want more power so they lose their control and start amping more and more without even knowing how much money they are spending.
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