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  1. :give_rose:please can my name be changed to Mrvon,ty *blush*
  2. I found what is the problem and solved it,ignore this topic :D
  3. I dindt even get to Joker boss :facepalm: Wont talk about other things
  4. Mrvon

    Arena lvl6

    Okey i don't know if its kitting or no but cmon :! Lvl6 arena is full with "pro kitting" druid runners :! I have to run 5 mins just to get draw -.-
  5. Mrvon

    GM please read

    My mage acount: is the id,if gm need pass i can send in message,got scammed.Please block it because is not me inside it :facepalm: Forgot to say,i checked before a min the restore pass option on website and it didnt worked so i guess the email is already changed :'(
  6. Another costume for same winners *z* It will be good idea to make a rule that same guild cant get price twice in a row
  7. To all bulgarian players in EU.Please post here ur ingame char so we can form one BG Guild.Almost all countrys got guild.I saw alot bulgarians here,so hope we can organize and make a good guild.
  8. As far as i can see nobody in forum likes that croro-cat thing :/
  9. Wont comment the whole tournament :! there a few costumes that are awasome,but srsly :! who gonna buy croco-cat costume :!!!!!!
  10. So i lost my time drawing :facepalm:
  11. Use this as a mask :lol: (Mine creation)
  12. malekhijazi, Thats a one good question :D Idk,maybe try search apps in store.There are alot of apps with wich u can crop,resize,drawn,add elements,etc.
  13. I wont vote :tease: Idk what is this on that thing :D Its look like alien,i'll wear one alien costume :drinks:
  14. Its close to lvl18 items and maybe devs wont like the same design but i like it :drinks:
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