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    [2018.10.30] Game servers restart

    You forgot to add lvl 26 items being droped in a dungeon lvvled 28. 🍜
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    Hi, US Sapphire my guild NEEDS members msg my char in game. Rewards for high gp etc. Lvl 2 guild waiting on active and fullfilling players to lvl up guild, easy to sell, easy to trade items, storage is big, resource etc. Dg spammers and farmers mostly. Msg. hybridtype/demendal/corbinn Live 24/7 zzzz need sleep, were still crafting.
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    Devs... Is this fair i have to argue with a player about thee guild i purchased. There is no reimbursement, its black and white with this inactive leader guild rule. Its currupt. I have to watch THE guild i created walking around in game i no longer own.
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    Rolleyes emoji GeeKed

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    Looking at forum while new update taking place. Anyone have any good pics of your char.
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    [2018.03.06] Update 7.4: Battle of Kings. Release

    Server went down when i first atked boss in lv 28 dg, w/ a rare minon, and lost chance at chest. Died....... Um. Cool. Re-edit im alive! Outside dg w/ rare minon.
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    New Costume Ideas

    Scythe daggers as skins
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    post what you're listening to right now

    Soundcloud Search Title: "21.//jayyflow" Its trapdupstep instramentals Has raislin' profile picture on it "Attracted my attention to sharing"
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    DrOpS FoR lOwEr LvL BoSseS!!!

    Hello i believe i deserve a drop,from lower lvl bosses. Im lvl 28 and i cant farm islenort bosses to make quick gold. Im EXTREMELY TIRED OF PAYING FOR MCOIN
  10. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    DrOpS FoR lOwEr LvL BoSseS!!!

    The whole reason i suggested this is too make gold easier to earn. The lower lvl bosses could have some sort of reward for lvl20+/ lower lvl mobs in map2 still drop quest items, i can sell thos to lower lvls.... Farm Anything map2 but the bosses sir.
  11. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    DrOpS FoR lOwEr LvL BoSseS!!!

    Ill resort to crafting for extra gold. PS. I own a guild named CRAFTER
  12. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    PvE gear with set bonuses for higher levels

    Warspear needs this update asap. Im strugling with gold making within the game. Thus selling these weapons/gear to players who cant afford to amp would be a pleasent exchange. Crafting items takes a lot of time.
  13. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    Help new players

    If there were someway that the high lvl player could recieve a gold reward for this otherwise,
  14. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    new weapon sets in cc shop

    I aswell like this idea
  15. yoshumitzuXbabyy

    DrOpS FoR lOwEr LvL BoSseS!!!

    I believe since i have already beat these bosses as a questor and in size of lvl i should be able to come back for a chance at a item to sell to novice players,,, they're wearing crafted items mostly. Once in a blue moon i will see a low lvl drop item on market. I understand spawn's mobs drop bars. It usually takes 1hour to make 5k. If there is any way farming gold could become easier, otherwise i resort to selling mcoin items, or reselling items. As a high lvl warrior, helping novices should be a positive reward. Frankly an acheviement is not worth my time. I highly recomend coming up with more ways to farm gold and bars for pro players.
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    Phishing sites!

    They are annoing and ignoring them works. Why not just set a chat - ban for recreating same msg on chat.
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    please gm.!! Make a commercial for warspear.!!!!