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  1. Fetters has a huge AoE and a nice duration. You can use it to catch up with runners or the other way around.
  2. BD = high damage (axes should never given to them) + high def and then developers gave them shield that absorbs tons of damage and right now devs gave them another damage buff? That's a real bullshit. Druids are having so many disable skills. Root, Forest Song, Tornado and now another disable? I thought druid is a supportive class but now, it's becoming a warlock with healing spells. The only useful expert skill of Necromancer is nerfed. Why?
  3. Still can't get any drop. I have been spamming but no luck. It just feels kinda "ducked" up because some users get drops atleast once per day while I havebeen spamming since the event opened but never got anything since then. It's just so lame.
  4. Balanced? Rouges and Blade Dancers could get more stun bonus. I don't see how that's balanced.
  5. I wasted almost all of my golds I saved for this event so I could buy tons of Stamina Elixir and I was hoping I could get a drop, atleast 1 piece of any accessory with physical damage but AIGRIND's rotten engine just kept me hoping. It's just so unfair because other players can get 2x drop in a day. Oh, I forgot, this is Horror event, some players must be horrified by their engine's lame calculation of percentage of luck.
  6. Deathly Eye only reduces some percentage of target's maximum HP, Necro's Nightmare skill does stop all kinds of regenerations.
  7. Is there any chance that the time for war will be changed? I think it would be better if the time for war is changed sometimes.
  8. This has been suggested many times but the devs seems ignoring them.
  9. Btw, since Symbian S60 phones with matrix keyboard that can only accomodate 9 hotkeys is not supported anymore, perhaps you can add atleast 3 more hotkeys.
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