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  1. you should fix aggro on aura of harted from dk, it just apply agro icon, but mobs don't attack you
  2. giaccomo


    Omg, i was reading first topics on this post, and just laught a lot w' haters words, go sithlords!
  3. Is 50% at 5/5 devs put it on a skills buff/,nerf, since that day i backed to play dk, it works a ducking lot
  4. Roland can u fix skills bug? If you chain skills and got silenced or rooted, skills keep casting, please, is amazing for who now, but a handicap to who dont know, sorry for my bad english ty
  5. What about lifesteal skill? Im still lvl 16, but i wanna farm alone when i reach lvl 18, now i have 5/5 tod, 5/5 shield and 2/5 eod
  6. Easy, if you wanna sell, you need to unbind, if you unbind you pay money to GM, ando weapon-armor should to be amped again, it cost signs, ando signs cost miracle coins=real money, pure buisness, sorry for my bad english
  7. I wanna be pro, but im poor last 3 monts i up muy druid from 17 to 22, finally met anax and echidna, i got a nice staff, and buy my secret link, and beat some lvl 24 shamans, warlocks and necros con PvP, im not pro yet, but im trying someone coach me
  8. giaccomo


    November 18, gift me something please My druid need new gear :c
  9. Im done all maliat quests Need termitary easy , ill add you
  10. Im lvl 22, and wanna know, whats the most effective skill distribution? Please
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