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  1. you know for the longest time i told everyone (human OR elf) 'NO' when they asked for pvp. i usedta say 'i dont have the stomach for it'. now i know thats unrealistic, thank you for teaching me that there is no safe place to hide from war. from now on its 5partyfb vs1mc ALWAYS from now on its ALWAYS use potions when you get weaker from now on its ALWAYS kill on site wether mc are lvl13 or lvl18 i will always fight dirty from now on. you have all been very selfish with the bosses that give better drops from now on,...no truce at bosses. thank you for helping me understand :pardon:
  2. did food and plants always used to go to 10count in one slot? now i think it goes to 5count (1slot) for some items?! potions i think go to 10 not sure about burning mix or arrowhead and all that. but if you buy porridge or ale or eggs? its 5 now i think? fewer slots that hold less and then you gotta pay real money to fix it?! thats a scam! :(
  3. i agree bosses having skills is a good idea i mean right now bosses have a red bar for health and a blue bar for what?! if they dont have skills they dont need a blue mp bar right? what sort of skills should bosses have? how about: poison/curse skill where she/he/it strikes you and then you continue to lose a small amount of hp per round for 2-5minutes? or until you buy a poisoncure potion (from miracle shop or dropped from quest) or: skill killing skill where nobody could use skills for 4-5minutes (area wide) or whatever,...
  4. actually you DO know how it is on elf side, izanagi! but thats ok,... having multiple characters is a tactic that many use. (me too) helping lower level people beat a boss by putting them in your party is a good thing. you should be proud of that. that makes you one of the few good guys. but you dont OWN those bosses! we must all SHARE them! when arena starts how many of us are going to allow an item from our bag drop when we lose? nooo,....thats why they have the idea of arena 'points' so we can keep farming and never stop until we have all the gear we want while others are waiting and getting by with runes/crystals we have to pay for!
  5. then how about making bosses level dependent: in other words,... click on genie quest 'must be level 14 or higher' click on marashka quest 'must be level 15 or lower' or whatever. also, could have timers on the quest so,...click on bossquest '3hours' or '30minutes' or whatever,... so quest must be completed in that time or you fail the quest and lose points? that would also limit players farming bosses for rare items because they would have to leave party,... get quest again, reparty, etc. pleasing the high level players is a tough job, pleasing the new players is a more important job. no new players means no more money means game dies.
  6. i dont mind trading or buying the gear i need; having to fight someone to kill a boss that probably wont drop anything anyway is pointless and stupid, but,... i believe the players who havent beaten that boss should have first pick at which bosses they fight. so, how about making most of the bosses quest dependent? in other words, when a player hasnt beaten the boss they click on the quest and only then does the boss show... if they are party leader they can choose to include some 'pros' in their party,... but no boss appears until a low level player is there that needs it. having a separate new dungeon was supposed to help higher level players have something to do,... but from what ive heard the mobs there are too hard and dont drop much. so,...maybe also the new dungeon needs some changes too? :pardon:
  7. no such thing as a clean fight during a war. anyone who accepts a quest to kill fb/mc no matter what level must accept that those fb/mc will defend themselves and that their friends will try to protect them. using potions/runes/crystals or not shouldnt matter, die with honor or improve your credit score and buy more potions/runes/crystals. all who have bought from miracle shop are fighting dirty. when you choose to fight someone who you know fights dirty you choose to fight by their rules. if you prefer a fair fight, fight someone else. until arena opens there are no rules. (when im in party with bizkits and badman im sworn to protect them wether they are pvp'ing or not. when im alone i dont attack anyone until they attack me 1st.) FAIR where i come from means killing anyone trying to kill your friends. being level18 means you are a good player NOT that you are a good enemy and NOT that you live/fight/die with honor.
  8. the new barbie pony ranch is out?!?!! COOOL!!!!!! hahaahaha ;D people are definitely taking their characters too seriously these days and blocking chat and trade between mc and fb was the wrong choice it took no time to find a work around im not a pvp fan, and dont plan on arena when its up for me level18 is the ultimate goal, but i dont intend on getting there by using terrorist tactics.
  9. ambi

    our town;our chat

    there are many people here playing from many different cities. my questions is how do you say 'please' and 'thank you' where you come from? also,...what other things would you like to learn to say and in what languages? and,...what would you most like OTHERS learn how to say in the game?
  10. the last few regular quests got harder because there wont ever be any other islands. just 'dailys' and the same bosses all the time. its easier for them to make the same bosses harder than to work on making new bosses. just because they are making money in miracle shop doesnt mean they will work any harder or faster. :nea:
  11. i dont keep a list of damned elfs or humans but im glad you do. there are some people that play the game more fairly than others in my opinion the damned players are the ones who kill on sight,... without trying to give others a chance to move away. i know it sounds like im making excuses, but,..... if im in a party on my way to a quest and the party leader(s) have a kill on sight order,... i must follow them. as should you! if im by myself i dont attack anyone unless they attack me first. long ago, before the updates,... both elves and humans would help each other by killing the minions attacking the people trying to kill a boss. they would take turns. they stayed out of others way. now the quest is: kill other players. im sorry for those ive hurt. but i cant say sorry for those characters ive killed. it helps me play the game better, and levelup faster. i am damned, and so are you all. :(
  12. people that pvp without using potions should be proud of dying with honor. people that pvp using potions should be proud of having good credit. lets not forget ladies, theres nothing fair about war. fair fight can mean old fashioned rules of honor for some or full party vs 1 for hours for others. wouldnt it be nice if we could list the fighters that we know dont play fairly? just like the ignore list? but,...would remind us who to avoid next time.
  13. ambi

    Fightclub !

    i guess the only fightclub we have right now is fighting over the better bosses? whenever you want to spar just goto genie, granite, or guards. theres your fight! ;D
  14. how'd he pm you if you on opposite sides? many at warspear have multiple characters. some advertise their other names, some dont. aigrind made the decision to not allow 'trashtalk' between elves and humans. i disagree but its not my decision. having multiple high level characters (both human and elf) is the only way we can play this game well. the war is escalating. is there still a truce at nadir?
  15. ambi

    my entry

    woahhh bizzzz!!! you a badmamajama! you werent lying about this whole 'college' thing?! you gotta go now! how cool is that! an action shot. would luv that sword too! you should design some more gear. ;D very good work. lets see some more!
  16. agreed many work hard on this game many who spend long hours we appreciate it. and the miracle shop sales numbers prove it. BUT anyone who was dedicated enuf to make it to lvl18 deserves to have a 2nd chance (please just be careful of your language) the hours we spend in game should count for something too. ive played this game since june2011 and ive been in partys (human and elf),... where im the only english speaker, that wasnt a problem as much as the behavior ive seen. but then again im 40 yrs old, and most of them arent. perhaps the support section should have a child board called sms/paypal?! in that way these topics could live in the right place. if you dont believe that your culture is 'rpg' and your country is the game, then you dont belong in warspear :(
  17. i saw that too,...it says 'earrings of boardingers' i think,... so only certain pirates drop those,...the ones with long hair i think? the drops from the others dont count. it does take a long time, yes. especially when your friends are at the other end of the island and you cant join them cuz u are getting 40measures of animal fat?! i know i shouldnt, but i feel pressured to finish them ALL. when really it should just be a question of which ones are worth more points, so i can make rank/level faster? maybe when the skills are done some of them could be available to lvl15-16+ only? that way you could be showing off new skills to the noob while getting grey griffin feathers for the millionth time?! whats gonna happen when the storage units are working? if we can store 50units of hellish boredom whats to stop us from just breaking a party down into 4-5 groups, and saving 100's of each item so that we will always have plenty and/or be able to sell them?! dont tell me you didnt think about it. ppl are always trying to sell stuff on tradechat and its a little annoying(distracting) ;D
  18. ambi

    PvP points

    good idea but tuff to enforce, its too tempting to "pile on" and attack someone 4-5ppl against 1. arena will hopefully have 'leaderboard' and a place to spend the points? we'll see. maybe if ppls quest has them hunting for the other side their names turn a different color? in other words: white names=your side , red names=other side , black names=hunting for sport or points? (blue names=moderators/referees/developers?) make sense? so that those that dont want to 'battle' right now wouldnt be touchable/attackable. and those out for blood would be obvious right away. yes this game is set during a war. no, not everyone in a war is always at 'the front' :pardon:
  19. last time we did that there were no drops and no questpoints for doing it,...?! there doesnt seem to be a point to it? :(
  20. kinda busy and these fire guys are in the way. cant complete dailys or get things done while they are killing the people giving us the quests. sorry if this was posted before. just wondering.
  21. would be really helpful, yes! no way to show info on hover if you cant hover on a touchscreen i guess? heheh a lil profile page when ya click or a mini signature line under your name showin yer stats? what would it look like?
  22. ambi

    Pets for all

    excellent idea! how much for a human pet? heheh. ;D then mc could buy items for your pets too! collars, special food, little outfits for em?! if they are makin money off it, its more likely to become a reality. :unknw:
  23. if its a player who bought his/her way up the chain of command, then yah thers no honor there. but i dont mind someone like that healin me when im low on hp or blocking for me when thers a boss to kill. its just a question of who ya wanna assocciate with? i need all the help i can get. :blush:
  24. ambi

    rank vs level

    true true. i mean if theres different factions they might each have their own way of showing progress, right? they have different currencies, why not show their level differrently?
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