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  1. Sithlords the best guild? :bad: What nonsense? :facepalm:
  2. Just my humble opinion We haven't test the skills,but I can feel that Paladin,Shaman,BD,Ranger and Priest get the best skill.The one that I feel the "most" beast is priest skill.Double damage when below 20% and if it crit?Next one is paladin.They have got heal,now they can recovery by attacking.With spear they can heal and lifesteal much much more.Next one ranger.Btw just a quick question,ranger new skill hit multiple targets,so if he have blessing buff and trigerred,it will hit 2x to everyone? The worst if Mage and necro.Well we haven't see the cooldown or MP usage of those skill.Just hope everyone got a better skill.
  3. Hey I have a very good feedback.How about lvl 1 banner put 1 banner,level 2 banner put 2 banner,so on.Each banner deal 5 times damage and goes 300-500 damage.I feel like it will solve the problem.To destroy MC population. :rofl: Give me karma if I right. :blush:
  4. :good: :good: :good: :good: :good:
  5. Hi.Wanna ask 1 simple and quick question.I believe I can use cloistered spirit for quest but I forgot which quest.Can anyone tell me about it.I mean which quest or daily quest and on which faction.Thank you :drinks:
  6. Anybody know the damage output calculation formula with attack speed % in it? example comparing 2 one handed arena swords with 7% attack speed with 2 arena daggers with 15% attack speed,which one have more damage output in 10 seconds?I need the formula for these problem.thanks ;)
  7. Nikoro


    sure we will have fun :drinks: cheeers.
  8. Market are suppose to sell item to all faction.By doing that we will be happy with the drops because at least we can still sell it.Just imagine elf and chosen got spear of sudden doom,what are we suppose to do???sell it to the shop for few gold???its tired to farm in astral for days and you got only drop that people call crap :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: when if we can sell it to the market which other faction can use,we probably can few sets of sign.Idk why dev not including it in market system.we pay for the market fee and the deposit too but those item still cant be sell because none can use it. So if dev have good attention to us,you should make it happen in the future.Or atleast change the drop system for all factions will be suitable for us.
  9. I will make it short.Is trading or selling like many players did is a legal action in game?
  10. Can we trade with other faction??? And also can we trade cc weapon,armour,gloves,n boots to other faction???
  11. thats why the drop rate need changesand I think above idea will be great
  12. Maybe you can threat them for beers ;D Cheers :drinks:
  13. Spend 5 hours on genie and got nothing :facepalm: it oftenly happen to me n probably to others this game getting bored and bored...
  14. Yeayou lower our hp regen make us harder to tank Compare between bar2 and bd,bladedancers have the worst situation after update NO STUN,NO BERSERK SKILL the aggrresion skill are still useless coz i cant save my friend from enemy A ranger and a druid can kill bd easily on arena The point is bd need to be fixed soon
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