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  1. All I know is ill make NBK dirt if they keep ducking with me, I take pts of u on solo np, just saying pvp cave is about to change
  2. Gm's better plan to incorporate a conjunction of servers soon. This will compel the overall enjoyment of the game. Think about constant arenas, partners ready for dungeons; of course the ideas in use now would change but it's all for the best.
  3. With my shield skill 4/4 i hit a bit less then purrify 5/5, at 1/4 with shield ability i hit 600, With purrify 5/5 i hit 1037, so with shield bash i hit around 850. Btw my 1h dmg is 672
  4. lol absalom they nerf one of our skills might as well nerf ur stun too. I moved the flag and ill do it again. I was just thinking wlock stun should last depending on the amount of people stuck in it. Of course there has to be a max and minimal time limit but for war to progress some changes must be made.
  5. Why not prolong war to 2 hours for a victor to most likely come out on top.
  6. I moved the flag noobs, i took most of the dmg from it i will do so again
  7. Devs, resilience is too low on rings, it should be equal to perhaps a lvl 22 arena belt's resil
  8. Definitely should add another ring, its only fair....
  9. Hold up wtf, we spent almost a full year in season for the same rewards to be awarded every 3 months after this. Bull crap there is no way!
  10. Roland, try and work out a way in which respawn statues can temporarily be disabled. There's many ways to go about it; the ideal way i suggest is making certain territories prior to arriving at the flag, possibly midway of the most traveled path, and the alliance which controls the territory first gets a 5 min advantage of disabling the opposing teams respawn statue; or simply penalize those who die with a time limit before they can respawn.These are very shallow suggestion which i felt may help convey an idea of what may be needed to improve the recent massive pvp update.
  11. The timing for US Sapphire should be rescheduled. I know the server has mostly american players and most Americans go to work or school from 7am to 3pm usually, leaving most of the people out of the battle. I think they should observe closely this first week and pay attention to feedback in order to provide ideal times.
  12. Buying lvl 22 lavliar of darkmist pm me on US- Sapphire I will pay very good $$$$$$$$ for it
  13. Ok i think i worked something out here are my recent setups. I got tired of magic-spear setup so i sold my lords although its undoubtedly better.
  14. Dang i wish my screenshot thing was working, i wanted to show yall 924 dmg with my 1h mace
  15. Well i cant post a pic but at the moment im lvl 22 running 632 dmg, 7569 physical defense, 4418 magical defense, 4210 life
  16. No Order: SweetMandy Itachifire Pintev Zeusxelie Gladiator Palladio I dont recall any other ones atm.
  17. All these arguments of what guild is the best are futile since players are sure to vote and thank that of which has gave them alot and in where they have made plenty of friends. The environments of each guild are different and therefore suit certain players. I don't have a certain guild to vote for but, if you are to speak of your current guild as being better than other guilds then that guild has treated you good as other guilds have treated other players good. This is a really narrow minded topic and I believe it was made more to cause arguments than peaceful conversation and discussion
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