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  1. Do warspear more good. WHy not players Unbind Costumes ? So, I have one costume ''Wedgehead Executer" I want to unbind this and trade for other or sell. Please do that costumes can unbind. @}-
  2. Hi dear warspear players. I see in every server is talking about "Hallowin" update. I think Admins can realize it in 25th to 28th of October. Just they have to do new bosses and new Quests to do for us. What can have in hallowin?: I think can have boss like "Sam Hain" , new Dungeons and New skins. What new in Miracle Shop?: New Chest full with suprizes. Thanks for look my post. I think I'm helped you. By Heathclif (Br-Tormaline)
  3. What the .... NEED SHIELD TO USE NEW SKILLS FOR BARBARIAN. (Gm i realy start to hate you man ) Why Always elves have Good skills. I think you are elf :tease: Or you use Skill Consumables?
  4. What we usualy drop from -Easy (New Island) -Normal (New Island) -Hard (New Island) -Heroic (New Island) What i can drop from this Tower. Show me photoes please. :)
  5. Yeah we coming to the boss and all of the miniboss atack and we dead how we save from them? We do all the Floors But Heroic boss is so hard to do. What can i do? Please help with picture how we save from them! :cray:
  6. I'm think you can agree It. ;D From [Weekly Box] You can drop: 31% You can Drop 2k or 5k Gold 19% You can dro 200 or 500 Crimson Corundum 40% You can drop Unique Crystals and Runes for enchanting 5% Item's lvl 19 5% Food, Potion and Scrolls Do you like It? Im think you can like it. :drinks: Maybe in next update develops can Do this. :)
  7. For admins: I don't have a quests in this island wath I need to done to have quests in this island? :'( [Done All Tower Quests?] Or anywhere in this island have a secret Questor?
  8. Guys Im Modified the Classes Remove Pirate class and put Acolyte class :blush: Is it good?
  9. It's good but Now have Heroic and drop lvl 20 items :) What about New maps :)?
  10. Want new Class in every Faction, like: Mountain Clan - Hunter(This class can use Bow) Chosen - Oracle (This class healing all players in current area) Forsaken - Witch (This class can do same like Oracle but have another cool skills) Firstborn - Acolyte (They can use One-Handed Mace's in hand's) I'm work with more informations for you ;) just waiting anytime where I'm not busy :blush: . Vote for It maybe any Develop can see it and Vote for it too :blush: :good: . Let's do it with 1 - Yes 2 - No. [Modified] All Players say Pirate have in game and i think it too. And the new Firstborn class is Acolyte.
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