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  1. Neither Which is better 500k in warspear or 1000 real cash in reality???
  2. Bmx ;D what is the first word you will say when you luckily amp level22 weapon from +8 to +9 without signs ?
  3. Rayquaza 8) If you got level 22 bow drop from a rabbit in mc side,what will you do with it??? :crazy:
  4. wow!pictures of me :crazy:
  5. this is suppose to be in Suggestion :wacko:
  6. Akiraz


    its not bug....only happen when necromancer uses his new skill(forgot the name) ;D
  7. please add my guild legion guild from realm Eu-Emerald :unknw:
  8. Akiraz

    Quiting the game

    good luck in your life Jonny even though you dont know me xD.and two words:Good luck!!!!!! :friends:
  9. i agree with born dont forget with damager like ranger or rogue...I hope this post helped you ;D
  10. one thing earn gold buy def ,dmg sphere and signs amp your equipments till +10 then show off to your friends ;)
  11. 120k for a wild boy set :shok: :wacko:
  12. no need level up fear must have life exhausted 5 Circle of Darkness 2 Bloody Tribute 3 and Arrow of Darkness 2 :rofl: its Circle Of Darkness lol :facepalm:
  13. pro not noob :friends:
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