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  1. Also please consider testing the dg again. mobs use skills with effects of 5/5, 4/4 of original skills and they use skills instantly after they res @Reivenorik @Daria
  2. @Daria I've noticed the mana regeneration issue and found the reason behind it mana now regenerates every 6 secs so that's why everyone is running out of mana while in fight ( as i remember clearly both mana and hp reg every 5 sec) also hp reg seems to be changed so it became 4.5-4.9 sec/reg i would like a reply about whether this issue is it a bug or a mistranslation i hope this changes didn't affect the healing speed of skills ( like shaman and druid and reserve for death knights ) Interface changes Changes are related to mapping of health and mana of characters (current/maximum values) and mobs (current value). Hero’s level is now displayed on a class icon. Amount of shortcut slots are extended to 10 and located in the center of the bottom panel. also the new interface is horrible for mobile in portrait view and the shortcut menu needs improvement for pc ( make them respond to numbers after you press F1, Ex: F1>1 open miracle shop) need improvement for both phones and PC ( suggestion; try to make the switch slot on the left side again and keep the shortcut menu on that side also widen the original menu button on the right side its too small )
  3. Test server client for Android need update 7.2.1 Can link new clients please?
  4. Actually 7-6 years ago that didn't actually matter both were just English servers There was nothing about timing with in the game
  5. it has been 10 days since the update and yet no fix for the connection problem is it that complicated? i thought you just have to rewrite some connection protocols if you guys will release the fix soon please inform us it's been too long
  6. Bds have both and dodge too Still want to talk about fair trade?
  7. Bdsc

    Useless ranger skills

    Wow first time i hear ranger say bless is useless I used to see ppl die instantly because of that skill Ranger weakest class? You are welcome to try rogues
  8. i chose us server 7-6 years ago Can you blame me?
  9. I will end up supporting servers change option after this It's ridiculous
  10. why 5 am ???? I don't even open for war You guys should make a poll about Us Sapphire server time not just make like that
  11. I play rogue as main since first Halloween with stun wep 991 dmg rogue with 45-50% fero still lose vs druid and He is not even in top 5 druid Ask anyone who play rogue and they won't rank rogue in top 5 Classes in game
  12. Rogues are basically kite-able class add seeker and warden to them In pvp warden isn't to be even considered Seeker has shield and rogue got dodge they both good but problem with rogues is that they have to go into combat face to face unlike seeker who can pull his target away from enemy witch is great in 3vs3 or more scenario Rogues nuke? I bet that 2 rogues can't nuke 5k hp druid before he uses song Dodge build= less dmg and less resi Vs mage and bd with high accuracy it's useless Druids fully stun - warlocks - pala - shams - necro - charmer - ranger - hunter Each one if these classes have at least 2 kiting skills ( not gonna say stuns bcuz some ppl sensitive ) that are dodge proof Leaves barb dk In 3 vs 3 or even 2 vs 2 i will bet on the tanks In pvp you can't critic you can't nuke You get stuned you can't make dmg ( i easily lose vs druid full stun even his hp drop half if i touch him ) Rogues don't need a stun You need anti stun ability so at least you get to hit like mage's skill Btw you can dodge ham but not rush , you can dodge Some of charmers stuns but not all of them So basically out of 16 class in game you have 50% chance to win vs 3 classes only ( rogues - warden - seeker )
  13. Bdsc

    Rogue build

    There is no major change in rogue after this update
  14. I can't even log in Waiting for a solution check your support tickets
  15. Same problem with my Android Game client reuses to work with my local connection ( Using Vodafone EG Usb Line ) even to do simple things like change account or create new account , basically it's blocking you from access to game After many tests The game client connect if i change the connection type ( another internet provider) Changing the device doesn't work i tried alot I sent a ticket to support and still waiting but it's taking so long since If anyone has same problem please mention your internet provider maybe that will help identifying the issue faster
  16. Chat bug smile turn into emojis when writing after them without space Hunter stance when hero log of and skill on : after hero log on skill flashs and consume mana but no effect activate Rogue stealth if someone see through your stealth and put ATk mark on you stealth deactivated without any skill or skill dealt ( think fixed but to be sure)
  17. Bdsc

    Quest bag

    Make a stock char
  18. What is this error I can't update or login Edit I can't upload SS but is gave me this code ( error 0x42481161)
  19. I think crafting scrolls and pot was... Let's say given a no in the early stages of adding crafting system because of the high cost and low benefits of such a system
  20. Bdsc

    Quest bag

    Or you can buy more bags....and a donkey Chars max pocket size is 150 or 200 not sure which but they are really spacious
  21. Bdsc

    How to get scammed?

    I want some of what you've been smoking while you mad that
  22. 1st - one bat activates the door ( based on lucky ) 2nd - spirits just kill 3 original spirits ( the spirits that did not respawn , tip better divide into groups to mark the original spirit )
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