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  1. Mais um ai admitindo que comprou conta!
  2. Pls bane esse cara tentando comprar acc's no servidor br-tourmal ine
  3. Its good for ganks if you have a much damage. For pvp is good against some classes.
  4. I think rogue has a lot of useless skills for pvp like absolute reflexes, they nerfed it and now its useless for pve and pvp. Ricochet and sinister strike are good for pve but for pvp ricochet can disturb you to get invisible again, flury of steel can be the worst skill in the game 95% of rogues dont have it, and if they have they dont use. Extermination is good in 3/4 4/4 u can go invisible in 6 secs and merciless get 4.6 secs , gouge gets 15.4 secs in 3/4, in 4/4 its awesome. Gms should improve some rogue skills like reflexes, I think, it was like bds counterattack they nerfed, made it useless and now improve it.
  5. Please remove skills that can see invisible rogues and seekers. Our only advantage is the first strike, now in the arena against chamer and mage our stealth is useless
  6. Division

    Rogue build

    is there Any good build with this update?
  7. with 2 swords, is there any?
  8. Is there any good build for pvp with 2 daggers?
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