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  1. LSDoom

    quest bug?

    the quest Luck needs Sacrifice (for mc) seems to not work properly. 2 out of 3 quest mobs killed are not even lootable. the other 1 out of 3 dont drop quest items. is there a way to fix this? or just hopelessly bugged?
  2. i saw on a list that payment worsk through sms in the us. my question is, after sms sent how long till replenished?
  3. that link above only is for 1.0.1 i know it says 1.5 but it isnt 1.5
  4. the pc download is for 1.0.1. i cant update on my pc. please show us where to get 1.5 for pc
  5. saipj just came into the screen im in started spam inviting me. after that was such a terrible string of obscenity i had to ignore him. i never said anything to him.
  6. so i bought some got a message back how do i retrieve em?
  7. rough patch for you developers. hope youre not overwhelmed. we love this game but 2 things need to be fixed fast. ya the gear change is weird but its ok. what you need to address is the screen size on pc and mana regen rate.
  8. ya this mana regen has made game play twice as long. im on my first daily 5 and a half hours becuase of regen time. and only half done another 5 more hours on this one daily. FIX MANA REGEN OR MAKE FOOD FOR IT!
  9. at this rate it will be impossible to do the dailys in a 24 hour period. FIX MANA regen issues pls.
  10. so druid combat goes like this; attack heal lightning bolt repeat 3 times then find a corner to hide in for more than 5 minutes for mana to regen... no mana regen food?
  11. version 1.0 has rendered this game unplayable on pc. the screen size is like a thumbnail and you cant adjust it. was about to buy coin till i noticed the game is to small to play. too bad this is my favorite game. you guys just shot your self in the foot on the pc version. you need a new patch already and its only been a couple hours.
  12. LSDoom

    daily rep

    a random repeatable quest would be killer. not in place of the daily quests but alongside the daily quests. even if the reward is only 1 rep. it would be a great addition. something that is able to be done solo and random and repeatable.
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