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  1. I just disabled Google setting (verifying...etc) and the newer version installed and running smooth expect crashed once . thanks .
  2. 512MB ram , free ram about 250-100MB always on that range , changed default write disc nothing , canceled app verifying also nothing happen :/ stopped background apps , and problem still on
  3. u can make a flag on every map so it will be a few party's at every map , and Mc whom crying they I'll get advantage of rouge skill , and there I'll be no lag , or make a flag near to bosses .
  4. from your website , client model F1 , OS 4.2.2 android , ram 512 MB .
  5. when I try to install WS 4.7 on my tablet F1 which running android jellybean , it's says app not installed error , and I run the pervious version whit same setting , I deleted the AV and some apps and have half GB free space and problem still on :/ , any suggestion or solution ?
  6. cet any one can change that time format for me to GMT or " CET = GMT + X , X = ? "
  7. lol be afraid from MiTM and exploiting more than phishing just don't connect to FB problem solved don't use public Wi-Fi. XD lol
  8. update take long time they have allot of work more than u can think of , but making guild as party with a timer !! party's is free to make ! , for me I play about 5 years , 1 month active and 2 years not ! , kids have exams and most their families take their phone so they study , and for grown people have hard times at work or university ,they have a future to build !! not only gaming :/ .
  9. leader passing is unfair , could u make it a temporary leader for a while till real leader back or second leader that can be chosed by main leader in case of UN activity , so leader I'll chose someone whom trust in his hard job developing the guild , it's unfair , I guess u declaring war against u , "guilds leaders > most addicted players > most of your income " , and why not someone evil destroy the devils ! get on other side join your enemy clan , play hard till the leader be busy with school exams or job and so on everyone have a life ... and when u be a leader kick them all out , mission done . , think twice sir , u bringing troubles , and sorry for bad English and the long post.
  10. i hope so , he need a ban lesson
  11. if there any old Ubuntu (Linux ) user here or Network expert pm me please .
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