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  1. Iam with my friend farm in a.a and at the same times i gonna die but i still have many health.before that, snorlax attack me with poison but my health still full then i fight with a.a.
  2. change name is ok, but i want can change gender ;D
  3. unblock my acc squeen , btw because my friend use that acc and scam other character, my email is nt my real email and i dont know how to unblock , please unblock EU-Emarld : squeen elf : Hollowmans mc
  4. after iam rerol my skill, then tht skill nt work and can't use
  5. gm fix this pot have extra def but not have times example: 2m,4m and no effect to me.
  6. after this, please make [suprise chest[gift]] again :yahoo:
  7. ;D i edit rogue skill, its work use 1.gouge 2.kick in the back 3.stealh if skill gouge 2 point or more but if skill gouge 1 point not work, then i modify attacking in invisible time. ;)
  8. ya np hope you enjoy ;D
  9. Hi guys!, i want to teach you how to use secret Necro, Paladin and Rogue skill.Maybe all know it but most of you don't know. At first i don't know but now i know and i can teach to you now. 1.SKILL *NECRO(make poison) 1. You must use DEATHLY EYE skill 2 times to enemy. 2. Then, you use POISON SPITTLE skill to enemy and become poison. *PALADIN(make poison) 1. You must use FETTERS OF JUSTICE skill but not to enemy, near enemy. 2. Then, you use PURIFYING skill to enemy and become poison but make sure FETTERS OF JUSTICE skill still have on it. *ROGUE(attacking in invisible time) I think this is best secret on me. 1. You must use GOUGE skill to enemy. 2. Then you use STEALH skill fast example:- - if you use GOUGE skill,you click monster,if your character want to attack monster, then you click STEALH skill fast ,then you can attack it in invisible. 2.I sure you can do it.If i have mistake or you can't do it, just replay ;D . 3.You can see a picture:-
  10. what do you mean? what creat?
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