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  1. AoA loose coz Dkmastaaaa left the guild. Next time will win Perfectelfs again, and again, and again. AoA just use excuses, you cant buy all Hassn, sorry.
  2. Tizard

    Dark Circle

    Warlock Active time of Dark Circle was increased, but the number of players which can get under it’s effect was limited and now depends on skill level. LIE. Active time was not increased, but effect is now limited. Not like other AoE stuns.
  3. So, becouse a high amp rogue can kill you, this skill is not op? Is not just this skill what is op, is the fact that you dont need to lvl up it to make a huge heal. Now druids have more heal that a full support class and more stun that a warlock, and you still say this is not op? I am pretty sure gms play druids, becouse now is almost impossible win an arena with a druid in it. People are talking about stupid facts like 2 necros with full stun or rogues with full amp, but that are extreme cases, we are talking about one single druid with some other, dosnt matter who, no need to be am
  4. Why do you follow people in lab and troll them with poison shield? Do you think u are funny? Not cool. BTW u cant do anax alone, saw u dying there, when u was trying to troll us.
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