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  1. My Ranger Name Spykidss i playing warspear last 3 year and hard to got my bow +10. never shared Char and never tried to sell/trade Been legal to game. But this ban came all out of no where and i share warspear game to my 4 friends they all safe. And my family all have android phone many time i play oter mobile with wifi connection wtf it is not share acc. I am really shocked at this action of warspear.I have played this game day in and day out also made lot of other real friends to play this But I feel like I been betrayed for serving and playing legally. I request Warspear tech team to Review my account and unblock me. U last time said me go suport and send ticket but 2 ticket i all redy sendd i not got my id back. Email= [email protected]
  2. Some days ago my acc blocked i dont know why please roland sir help me
  3. Spykidss

    Acc blocked

    Dear Roland sir My Id blocked i second mailed u 2days ago but i not got any reply Plssss GM Unblock it .... like it Game EMAIL : [email protected] Ranger name : Spykidss.
  4. My id is blocked also i Mailed You 5 day ago from this id. Still i not got any reply. Like your Rare game Plssss Gm Unblock it. Ranger name [spykidss] My Email id [[email protected]] Thx gm.
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