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  1. ok better not play this game anymore... he will earn what he does... everything has a good time for payback...
  2. Meoooww (shaman) / Potatoooo (warlock) hacked my level 20 rogue "suzerain" a while ago..he promised me to trade with his warlock, and i trust him...i do what i promise to him i give my account, but he dont do what he promise to me. he says he is "rich" and have "rare costume" he says like he has no intention of hacking my account because of what he has... Please BLOCK him GM to for the sake of others.. PLEASE!! PLEASE!! PLEASE GM do what u can do to him..and PLEASE help me back my rogue "suzerain"... :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: pls..response to this topic.. i decided to quit playing warspear, i
  3. Hey! :spiteful: can someone post pictures about the costume helmets.. :pardon: i dont know what is the appearance of the helmet, so i cant buy it.. :shok: i want the helmet like the dragon charm helmet. :diablo: . pls what is the name of that helmet and what are those other helmet. :blush:
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