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  1. I give free gear and signs to ppl I think are gonna be or are skilled players. But recently my bags been full of gear and signs because there is no one worth helpin out.
  2. Honestly I haven't met anyone that stands out rly. All I see are new ppl talkin shit and bein useless in wc. I take that back. Ayuh the DK does stand out a lil in my mind. Trust me I'm always lookin for skilled cool ppl but I'm always left wanting.
  3. 21 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  4. Iluvweed

    Max lv

    Back in the day we were told lvl 30 was max.
  5. Along with that it would also be nice to be able to type the quantity of items to be traded/deposited into market or guild wh. It takes forever depositing thousands of tickets.
  6. I've spent $500+ to amp my lvl 19 arena staff (from +9-+10) for my shaman..and its still +9. I'm not exaggerating. I ampd my warlocks lvl 20 pilgrims staff with 20 sets +9-+10. But my lvl 24 rogue is full +10 and I didn't spend near as much as I did tryin for +10 on my shamans staff. This shit is stupid lol
  7. Savageking Yins Axekillz Pliskin There's a cpl more I've met in pvp cave but can't remember names.
  8. Timeusss Poley Edgesshadow (old school pro) Physik Dutchxhero Icesomething ( can't remember name) Vicboss In no particular order. I just woke up to take a shit and those are the ones that come to mind at first. I'll probably think of a few more when I actually wake up.
  9. I lost track of Manley he changed names too many times. Tyler plays off and on.
  10. Damn I've been playing a long time lol. I can remember that cave slowly becoming known as pvp cave. There was a time when I ganked nonstop and made elves cry. But nowadays I will not gank unless provoked. In my experience ganking is extremely fun and hilarious. But now I'm all about the pvp Accepting all challengers
  11. I voted for myself..is that conceited? Maybe a little lol. But I'm willing to back that vote up. I'll pvp anyone on that list best out of 3 (not for shit talkin or braggin rights just for fun and to see who is stronger/smarter). If your concern is my guild buff. I'll leave guild for the pvp. But I do like that list tho. Lots of friends and they all strong. That list alone would decimate all of elfside.
  12. First off, I know your name I don't know you. So how can I hate you. Second, I attack alot of elves sry you thought you were special. Lastly, you're getting off topic so I'm gonna leave this alone now. Devs this statement is to you. Do NOT waste time helping ppl who walk right into these scams they did it to themselves. Instead spend your time makin me new gear and helping ppl who actually need it Cya ingame xhero..oh wait...no I wont...lol
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