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    Especially after an update. I'm waiting for the next one to drop so I can't play with whatever new is added.
  2. Nosotraes


    Don't worry. You won't be addicted after sone time anymore.
  3. That one was pretty good indeed. Went there with a few friends and even my brother laughed at some parts. One movie that I haven't seen recently (In fact, few months back), was Arrival. Basically, it's aliens, but done good. Would recommend. Another one of those good scifi movies is The Martian. Check it out, good movie.
  4. Gotta report that bug to the devs.
  5. Hey, you're not a normie. Everything better than being a normie.
  6. These are on my watchlist, sure gonna watch them when I have the chance. Especially Dunkrik, because Christopher Nolan.
  7. http://memecompass.com Take this test pls. Also, big dump. Probably quite offensive. I don't care. Again, credits to r/dankmemes.
  8. That's actually been on my wishlist for some time. Sure gonna check it out sometime.
  9. I'm not kidding. I am a fan of his music.
  10. Trump memes? Trump memes. Actually, make it general election memes. Credits to the all time top posts on r/dankmemes.
  11. Shit like that got you banned 2 years ago. How times have changed
  12. I don't even listen to it ironically anymore.
  13. In the middle of class. Our teacher was that "teacher-who-doesn't-dare-to-call-out-students"-type. First battle for territories was about to start, and I wouldn't be missing it, at all costs.
  14. Hand shaking? Lol let me take that picture. I guarantee it will look even shakier.
  15. The Chosen seem to have fairly advanced tech however. In their capital, there are what looks like pretty large and tall buildings. You can't build those without good tech. Well, you can, but it would take a shit ton of time and resources. Real world kind of example: Theaters in Classical Greece and Rome. The Greeks built their theaters in mountains, the Romans put them wherever they wanted theaters, because they used these advances arcs in their buildings, allowing for better buildings. The Greeks would need a lot more resources, without guarantee that it would stand long.
  16. It's in the Warspear universe, if you didn't know ;-)
  17. Might not seem much, but it will add up.
  18. Do you know the bug with the frozen Feebly quest? It's been in the game since 4.0 and still not fixed lmao. For those who don't know: You can complete the daily Feebly quest in Maliat without actually freezing those little sh*ts. You know the popup menu when attacking them, right? Keep that menu opened, and as soon at it's HP reaches 0, freeze it. You might get the quest item from them. Lower chance than the actual frozen ones, but they respawn much, much faster.
  19. I found this [JPG, 15.3MB] while digging into and cleaning my Pictures folder. I didn't finish it because my free Photoshop trial expired.
  20. It's aesthetic looks the same-ish as t4 at Ayvondil.
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