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  1. Я думаю, это абсурдно, что вы думаете, что охотники наносят слишком много урона, особенно по сравнению с эквивалентом класса (рейнджер), поскольку они могут нанести гораздо больше урона, чем охотники, за выстрелы на 5 тысяч с привилегией 6 ярдов в своих навыках, уже есть слишком большая поддержка исцеления в игре и утверждение, что классы урона должны потерять свою цель в игре (нанесение урона), возмутительны. Я не думаю, что дело в том, состоите ли вы в одной фракции или нет. Я думаю, вы просто не хотите, чтобы классы делали то, для чего они предназначены. извините за грамматические ошибки, я пользуюсь переводчиком, мое почтение
  2. I do agree that the idea of switching branches costing knowledge is a bit unnecessary however I would suggest to change it into having similar function of Name changing in terms of cooldown meaning. switching between branches now cost nothing and you can do it whenever HOWEVER once you switch to a branch you wont be able to switch from this branch to another for a whole week ( or a set number of days that can be adjusted ) this way it will allow people to freely switch between their branches when its needed ( people can switch from their PvE branch to PvP when a new arena season is about to start OR switch from a PvP branch to a PvE when a weekly event with books in dg is added ) this way players will feel more comfortable trying out more than just 1 branch for everything
  3. @Dr Strange @Nolan you guys have not mentioned whats gonna happen to the 3rd branch "ancestor spirit" talent that increase the dodge you receive from blessing
  4. theres no point talking to this guy, its clear he has no idea how the mechanics function not just about the classes but the game itself save yourself the trouble
  5. nah having to deal with your stupidity actually hurt my brain i have the fear of losing some of my brain cells if i continue talking to you and for that i wish you well and hopefully you learn how to properly read
  6. the good joke is actually you making a fool of yourself the skill does NOT stun the enemy it REDUCE physical power did you even read the skill description? or just copy past it ?
  7. having 15% dodge after ( dodge -accu) calculation will mean nothing rolling 15 twice is still useless
  8. my god you seriously have no clue what you're talking about the debuff name is "stun" the debuff reduce enemy power it dont stun them holyshit brother go learn the game first then we can have a proper discussion
  9. where am i comparing control to dmg ? hunters sap is dmg skill same for the 2 skills i mentioned for ranger? what you on about
  10. cool even tho hunter is still outranged by most classes probably the best thing hunter got this update if i understood correctly it means hunter will no longer gain dodge from blessing nor damage reduction and this is a massive nerf uncalled for too now hunter is unable to gain max dodge from their hunter agility skill alone ( 26% dodge for 10sec is insanely worthless ) and now hunter only has 1 skill for dodge while ranger on other hand still got their dodge passive bitterness being able to max their dodge on top of their normal dodge skill because mc and elf cant be on the same level elf always need to have the upper hand this have made blessing useless to use and it discourage hunters to use it, it should at least still have its dodge increase factor because mc and elf cant be equal elf always needs to have the upper hand this is also pointless as hunter agility only last 10sec with a cooldown of 30sec meaning you will NEVER have this skill permanently active you're basically telling hunters to not levelup any of their dodge skills unless they got orci book completely ruining it for the average hunter on top of that most dmg classes are already able to take more than 35% of hunters health from 1 auto making the whole new mechanism useless after 1-2 hits it seems like even when you want to add new skill you cant let it have the down side of losing the old stats ( like hunters blessing losing dodge and dmg redu ) no you had to give the stats to another skill and even when you added the new skill to a class that is already known to have ridiculous amount of dmg to have a copy of chief frenzy, it had to have a little bit of boost of you guys really want bd to be able to 1 shott everyone and everything because mc and elf cant be on the same level elf always need to have the upper hand on mc if this isn't favoritism then i dont know what is.
  11. same thing goes for paladin skills like shield or hp increase skill the idea of the skill to be able to benefit your allies too, in that logic paladin shouldn't be able to use their skills on allies or templar shouldn't be able to use their "mantra of healing" on an ally because it can end up getting in the way the idea of being able to use the skill on an ally is essential to making the class more than a solo playing class and the idea of having a chieftain maintaining the skill active on 2 players is nearly impossible the only way i could ever see it happening is by having 2 players with orci book and if you base your judgment on the 1% players rather than the 99% players who dont have those books then your judgement is flawed the reduction BM has also the factor of healing the BM every time the cat heals so its not like they have JUST dmg redu they have more into it unlike the chief the seeker has stun and invisibility on top of that movement speed ( and some resistance with talent ) BM skill has a whole different mechanics to the skill if the cat is alive making it more than "just" move speed skill chief skill does damage on top of movement speed each of these skills have its own unique mechanism that makes each class different in its own way you talking about making the skill EQUAL in terms of movement speed but not talk about stun or invisibility like seeker do make it biased adjustment in my opinion not to mention you ask for the reduction of damage of skill too ( making the skill fall behind compared to the other skills ) making a skill "useless" to the class isn't balancing, its removing its impact and backbone
  12. i can more or less agree with some of the suggestions however the idea of reducing this skill by almost 40% of its value being the only skill a chief use to be the frontline it is, is a bit "too much" when you have seekers, bd and other classes dealing nearly 4k hits it will bypass the health lost % factor meaning the chief would go from 50% hp to 0 from 1 hit or somewhere near that and the idea of removing the skill from being used on allies is like the nail to the coffin if a chief wanted to be a support to his party this is their go to skill to do that and you basically take that from them. rugg need to be toned down a bit one way or another but its a very sensitive skill as the chief is highly dependable on it reducing it too much would result in the death of the class impact. reducing the movement speed of this skill would also means the reduction of seekers and BM movement speed skills as it would be unfair to reduce Legion only move speed skill and not do that to the 2 skills elves have " otherwise i would say this is a biased suggestion" also the reduction the skill damage this much harms the mdmg playstyle too since the skill is phydmg based only meaning it does little to no dmg already for mdmg chief making it completely useless to mdmg chief more than it already is i would way to reduce the damage of this skill by a small % and make it deal damage based on the highest dmg ( mdmg or phy dmg ) the character has to make the skill more useful to the mdmg playstyle to be more than a move speed skill
  13. charmer suffer a lot due to the fact of them being a summoner class that cant provide healing for their summons like BM does and due to the fact their summons are easily killed and charmer needs to spawn their maximum number of summons to deal their full damage it makes it impossible for charmer to output their max damage in arena and mass fights so this leaves charmer with the idea of playing staff charmer with their bird and "gloom" talent but making them both unable to heal and almost melee is basically a suicide for the charmer as the charmer playing staff means they lose more than half of their defensive stats so they rely on healing to survive but since the gloom no longer heals it means the charmer is as vulnerable as they can be on the other hand BM is able to output their maximum damage immediately and they don't suffer from the risk of either dealing damage and no heal ( charmer with mace and shield ) or being all heals and no damage or deff ( charmer with staff ) as their kit offers them all 3 ( damage, healing and tanking) so i agree with the idea of charmer gaining damage redu so they can still be able to play staff builds without signing a death wish in exchange and the gloom being unable to heal shouldnt be a thing as it completely ruins the branch i would also suggest making charmer "otherworldly blessing" skill to also increase the health and stats of all of the charmer summons IF it was used on charmer this way charmer would gain the ability to group ( aoe ) heal his summons so they dont get immediately blown away by any group damage skills
  14. you can have up to 200% cooldown of skills So, 200% bônus dmg i understand how the increased damage is calculated my question is how is it calculated with the original damage the skill does the skill does 180% damage of the player physical damage, however with the talent is the amount of cooldown is added to the 180% or calculated separately then added and if so then what's the formula
  15. @Nolan @Dr Strange can someone explain how is this skill damage calculated with the talent ? and if the player cooldown goes over 100% does the damage scale with it or is it limited to 100%
  16. as the title says, blessing of the mountain skill is supposed to be a skill for hunters to use to be able to survive in fights a bit longer as well as maxing out their "dodge" parameter which is the defensive mechanism damage classes are designed to use ( Rogue and Ranger too ) to not become a glass canon and immediately die to any sign of damage that being said the problem me and other hunter players face when it comes to attempting to take advantage of our designed parameter "Dodge" is that "blessing of the mountain" skill doesn't go well with the idea or game player of hunter or rather ranged class. as a ranged backline class your first intention is to avoid as much damage as possible however this isn't support by the key talent the "blessing of the mountains" skill has which is: Blessing of the Mountains: Reduces all incoming damage to the character by H% and increases his “Dodge” parameter by D% for T sec. Agility: If the character dodged the attack while the "Blessing of the Mountains" skill was in effect, the duration of the positive effect of the skill will increase by 2 sec. The effect is triggered no more than once every 4 sec. the idea of having the need to take damage in the first place in order for the Agility talent to work and that's only if you dodge an attack otherwise the talent won't be granting you what it designed to do is simply unfair assuming the skill is supposed to make you withstand damage IF you do take some ( your goal would be to avoid damage to begin with ) but this talent in other words is forcing you to take damage for it to be activated ( keep in mind that the dodge parameter has been getting extremely underwhelming with the fact of many classes now can grant accuracy parameter increase whether to themselves or to their allies ) on top of that the skill has a short duration and the only way you could maintain it is through the talent. thus i would like to suggest the rework of the Agility talent to the following: Agility : If the character has the "Blessing of the Mountains" skill , the skill would become permanently active, and every time the character dodges an attack the amount of damage reduction the skill grants is increased by 2.5% for 10 sec, but no more than 10% meaning the talent would increase damage reduction every time the character dodges up to 10% ( at 4/4 the skill will be 15% + 10% from talent having 25% damage reduction at max increased amount) this way hunters will be able to always have their defensive parameter "dodge" active and don't have to risk taking damage in order for them to maintain the skill, it will make people more interested in playing this skill and talent as it would help the hunter a lot by not being so fragile and dying the moment they get harmed or stunned Thank you
  17. exactly you don't care if your suggestion is balanced or not if it will make the game better or completely kill a class as long as the harm is not being done on your side of the game yeah you don't care its funny how the mc topics are filled with more elfs suggesting changes to mc classes than mc themselves and elf section is a ghost town
  18. it's really easy to complain about a class being broken when you never have played it before plus to give a very specific nerfs on how and what to change makes it look like you don't really care about the game being balanced but to rather remove this class impact to the game to serve your advantage and desires NOT the people who plays it but not like you care YOU don't care about the playability of the class YOU just want it to not be useful against you i can agree that maybe it shouldn't be staggering but the idea of removing the stacking mechanism is absurd the skill is combined of magic damage and physical damage stats meaning you cannot have both you either deal good damage from the skill itself or you deal damage from bleed removing the stacking mechanism would be to completely remove 50% of the skill potential the sentinels have 2 classes with movement speed being the Beastmaster and seeker while legion only has the chief skill and you're asking for it to be nerfed, idk man but really seems like you just want this class dead not "balanced" as you claim and for the damage this skill is situational its based on your physical damage "playing 1h mace" meaning playing 2h mdmg build which is the most played in GvG and Arena makes this skill underwhelming and if you do play 1h mace then you're sacrificing a lot of you're defensive potential to be able to deal that damage im not gonna argue about this even, clearly you just want to remove the uniqueness of this class this has to be the most delusional argument i've ever seen chieftains without this skill are like mages without barrier they will no longer be a frontline and setting it to 30% is just non-sense chieftains die in mass fights the moment they get stunned because the class is solely depending on this skill to survive to make it this low is just outrageous at this point you're just straight up lying to support you're argument or maybe you've spent too much time thinking about mc classes and chieftain to be exact that you didnt take the time to look at what elf has at the end i would like to say that yes chieftain do need some nerfing or adjustment so to speak but this topic serves nothing to that matter except showing one individual who only cares about what the others have not what they have wanting their side to be superior to the other completely deleting a class impact to the game simply because he don't like it in other words this topic is a waste of time and if you truly were convinced that your suggestions are well balanced and deserved you wouldn't have ended your post with "now let the drama start" it seems like you yourself know that your post is outrageous but hey shoot your shots i guess
  19. it sounds so easy when you say it that way yet its not the case, charmers dogs are way more fragile compared to beastmaster cat they are easily bursted its also near impossible to have 4k hp on dogs, and it require a branch talent to be able to place 4 dogs at sametime, on other hand charmer dont have the luxury of both healing himself and his summons like Beastmaster or having damage reduction from his summons the beastmaster also have the luxury of dealing a lot of damage while also being a healer and a support class while charmer can either pick between dealing damage or being a healer ( based on going mace or staff build ) and cant be both this leaves the charmer with nothing but the advantage of stunning but even then that got nerfed by introducing bracelets with resist enchantment making stun skills not consistent its easy to complain about a class that you have no idea how it works or played forgot to mention that beastmaster cat inherit the stun parameter from the class so its not like they lack in stuns too yes! but i would say reduce the healing amount and speed from tree rather than the immunity time and i think cat damage is fine but that aura damage is a bit overwhelming
  20. idk who that guy is or where he said that but hes speaking wisdom
  21. i agree the skill should be usable without the need of placing a dog specially since staff build don't support the leveling of dogs skill thus having the dogs at low hp and defence making them more of a life line for the enemy to life steal off of
  22. -ever since the new talent branches been introduced most hunter players had only one obvious choice to go for whether it was PvE ,PvP or group skirmishes and that would be Branch “Self-propelled Artillery” not because the branch is "too good" or "superior" but rather because the other two options are so inferior or rather they offer so much less that it doesn't matter what's your playstyle have it being auto-attack focused or group damage focused the other two branches ( Skillful shooting & ancestor spirits ) aren't going to be you go to choices because they simply don't grant you the necessary kit to support that playstyle -so I would like to suggest a change to those two branches to make them more interesting and actually "useful" to an extend Branch “Skillful Shooting” - There is no hiding from the attacks of Hunters of the “Skillful Shooting” branch - they always reach the target. Even the strongest armor will be broken, because with each new attack, the Hunter hits the most vulnerable places more accurately. Lesser talents Combat Stance+ Increases the effect of a skill that increases a character's physical strength by 0.5 \ 1 \ 1.5%. Mountain Instincts+ Increases the effect of a skill that increases a character's “Attack Speed” by 2%. Hunters Mark+ Increases skill effect power by 0.5%. Hunter's Agility+ Increases the duration of the skill's effect by 0.5 \ 1 \ 1.5 sec. Key class talents Sniper training Now the skill "Hunters Mark" imposes a negative effect on the enemy only during auto-attacks, and critical auto-attacks apply two effects at once. The effect now increases the damage taken from the character's basic attacks. The maximum number of effects is 8. Absolute Accuracy Decreases the "Accuracy" character’s parameter by 40%. The character's auto-attacks cannot be dodged. - -this branch is clearly PvE auto-attacked focused and most of the talents here are really good and they support the idea of playing auto-attack however there are two problems with this branch Hunter's Agility+ Increases the duration of the skill's effect by 0.5 \ 1 \ 1.5 sec. -this talent is completely out of tone in this branch as having extra dodge duration serves nothing in PvE most mobs have a really high accuracy percentage and on top of that no one builds dodge in the first place in PvE players want to have as much damage as possible and wouldn't care about leveling up a dodge skill -thus I want to suggest the change of this talent to something that would benefit players in PvE something like the increase of Poisoned Arrow + Increases the duration of the skill's effect by 2 \ 4 \ 6 sec. -this change would mean the increase of poison ticks to 2 more ticks which would be good addition to auto-attack damage -my second problem with this branch would be the key class talent which is Absolute Accuracy Decreases the "Accuracy" character’s parameter by 40%. The character's auto-attacks cannot be dodged. -this talent offers absolutely nothing whatsoever to the branch most people in PvE already have a high accuracy percentage and the concept of mobs dodging attacks is non-existing across the table whether its low level or high end levels ( including people having max accuracy with light merman armor ) -on top of that compared to other branches whether its hunter branches or other damage classes PvE focused branches this talent makes the hunter falls behind when it comes to dealing damage -thus I'm suggest for this talent to be completely reworked to have it grant extra damage for PvE and I suggest two options -1st is to give the hunter chance based on their attack strength or every 4th auto-attack to do double the damage attack against mobs ONLY ( values and numbers can differ based on balance ) -the 2nd option would be to make this talent increase the hunter's attack strength parameter OR increases the hunter's Critical hit damage parameter based on the hunter's current attack speed parameter ( it can be a 1 to 0.45 ratio ) meaning a hunter with 50% attack speed will gain 22.5% attack strength OR critical hit damage ( the ratio and values can differ based on balance ) -in my opinion I think these changes for the Branch “Skillful Shooting” would make people more interested in trying it out and even playing it without being too broken. Branch “Spirit of ancestors” - For their long-standing adherence to the traditions of the ancient ancestors of the Mountain clans, warriors are rewarded with wisdom. Hunters of the "Spirit of ancestors" branch are capable of using ritual magic that purifies their body and suppresses the will to live in their enemies. Lesser talents Stunning Shot+ Increases the duration of the skill's effect by 0.5 sec. Sapping Shot+ Increases skill power gain from character's physical damage by 3 \ 6 \ 9%. Arrow of Silence+ Increases the duration of the skill's effect by 0.7 sec. Blessing of the Mountains+ Increases the effect of a skill that increases a character's “Dodge” parameter by 1 \ 2 \ 3%. Key class talents Suppression Increases the duration of all debuffs, including DOT-effects, from character skills by 25% when used on an enemy under the effect of “Arrow of Silence”. Self-cleaning With a 25% chance removes 1 debuff from the character when dodging an attack, but no more than once every 4 sec. ` -this branch is a complete mess, some of the lesser talents upgrades aren't in sync with the branch idea, this branch is clearly based to be for PvP content whether its arena or group fights however it has few problems Blessing of the Mountains+ Increases the effect of a skill that increases a character's “Dodge” parameter by 1 \ 2 \ 3%. -this talent is not useful in any way because having blessing of the mountains skilled 4/4 and hunter's agility at 1/5 is more than enough to max the hunter's dodge parameter so leveling this talent serves no purpose -so I want to suggest to either increase the dodge parameter limit to 75% to give value to leveling up dodge skills or talents and also to not fall far behind against classes that has accuracy increasing skills ( most PvP classes can get near 40% accuracy from skills or party aura) or to make this talent increase the duration ( numbers and values can differ based on balance ) Blessing of the Mountains+ Increases the duration of the skill's effect by 2 \ 3 \ 4 sec. -my second problem with this branch is also the key class talent which is Self-cleaning With a 25% chance removes 1 debuff from the character when dodging an attack, but no more than once every 4 sec. -first of all the current meta of the game don't support dodge builds since most classes gain a lot of accuracy from skills talents or even buffs and on top of that the talent has only a 25% chance for it to work in first place making this talent has 2 conditions it you need to first dodge an attack only then it would have a 25% chance of it working making this talent extremely rare to work -so i want to suggest modifying the talent to make it more visible or active, the change would also come from increasing dodge parameter limit to make dodge build viable again OR i would also suggest to increase the chance of it working to 75% but the chance will decrease by 25% every time the talent works but no less than 25% ( 75 > 55 > 25%) and it resets back to 75% after 16 sec or if the player goes out of combat for 7.5 sec or it can be the other way around where the chance for the talent to work is increased by 20% every time the player dodge an attack but the talent don't get activated but no more than 85% ( 25 > 45 > 65 > 85% ) and the chance would reset back to 25% every time the talent do get activated ( numbers and values can differ based on balance ) in the end i feel like these changes can be really useful for hunter and make the other 2 branches more viable and encourage people to test them out and come out with new build or playstyles without making them too broken, and i hope any of them get implemented thank you
  23. Very cool suggestions shamans do lack in damage so the idea of them having a minion similarly to druid might help them with dealing the extra dmg they're missing Tho I would also add that heal totem should've the ability to do a critical heal similarly to Beastmaster tree healing skill Overall great suggestions
  24. all of hunter's stun skills range is 4yards or less making the hunter being outranged when it comes to stuns by almost all classes including melee classes, as well as having "sapping shot" one of hunter's key skills for PvP and PvE at 4yards range making the hunter takes extra damage, waste time trying to close the gap towards their target or even resulting in them dying in mass fights because they tried to use one of their skills which is unnatural considering hunter is supposed to be a ranged class capitalizing on attacking from afar to win their matchups thus I wanna suggest the increase in hunter's stuns and sapping shot skills to 5 yards so they can have equal opportunity as other ranged classes and not getting themselves killed because they tried to use one of their skills from afar considering how fragile and easy to kill hunters are in current meta Thank you
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