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  1. i might be blind but did you guys forget to mention the changes for the globe? @Nolan does this mean the book is an active skill, reducing the party members health to 40% but gain +10% power? or it means that the party gain 10% power when their health is below 40%
  2. In this guide we will be talking about castle and everything you need to know about castle when it comes to basic information, capturing, attacking & defending, strategies and the goods you gain from capturing a castle Basic information Castle locations Castle buildings Castle Requirement Castle goods and buffs Capturing Guild requirements to apply Castle siege Guard room Attacking the throne Attacking & defending 1st level 2nd level 3rd level strategies Members Diversity supplies Minions & buffs Basic information 1- Castle’s location There are 5 castles at the moment in Warspear and are located in the 3rd map of the game “Avyondil” each castle is located in its own section of Avyondil. 2- Castles buildings Each castle has 3 buildings where you can produce goods and an architect where you can build or level up buildings and the castle to fortify your castle and produce better goods. 3- Castles requirement To build or level up building you will need 2 main resources as well as gold and guild points. 1- Ideal essences which can be found in the same section as the castle. 2- symbols which can be found in the dungeons of the castle section which will drop as loot upon killing the dungeon final boss. 4- Goods and Buffs Capturing and owning a castle will grant you with lots of advantages such as the castle buildings which can craft powerful items and grant access to the castle steward where you can use certain buffs to aid your members in battles or help improve the guild. -The Laboratory where you can craft powerful potions for the guild. - The workshop where you can craft powerful scrolls for the guild. -The Magic Tower where you can craft group relics. - Keep in mind that upon crafting these items the building will lose durability and will make the items take longer to finish, you can repair them by using the castle resources and gold as well as guild points. - the castle steward where you can use a verity of buffs for the entire guild members which can aid you in battles or help with the guild development. Capturing - Now we will be talking about what you need to know when it comes to attacking and capturing a castle. 1- Guild requirement to apply Each castle has its own rules to apply when it comes to guild level and members, in order to apply for castle siege, you need to meet those requirement Upon meeting those requirements your guild can take part in the castle siege to have a chance of capturing it, your guild can apply by making the guild commander entre the castle afterward the rest of the members can join in. 2- Castle siege Once you have joined the siege the guild will spawn in one of the 8 camps, these camps serve as a spawning point for guild so upon dying in battle the members will respawn in the camp. Your objective here is to work together to break one of the castle gates while fighting other guilds who has the same objective. 3- Guard room Upon breaking the gate, the guild commander and his party will have access to enter the guard room where you attempt to kill the guard as well as other guilds commander party. Keep in mind that only the guild commanders can attack the castle guard while the party members should support the commander and defend him from other guilds. If your guild managed to kill the guard only then the members of the guild will be able to enter the guard room and prepare to attack the throne, other guilds will be teleported outside of the castle and result in failing the siege. 4- Attacking the throne once your guild has entered the castle citadel you will have to face the guild who hold the castle your objective is to find and destroy the throne while fighting the current guild that hold the castle. Attacking & Defending - the castle citadel contains 3 levels, the 1st level which has 3 gates and 5 drop down points where the attacking guild can use to enter the citadel also the middle area serves as a spawn point for the attacking guild. - the 2nd level contains 1 middle gate and 2 routes left and right of the middle gate. - the 3rd level contains the throne and the end of the 2 routes which leads to the throne in the middle - Attacker: your objective is to break the gates and destroy the throne while fighting the guild which hold the castle. -Defender: your objective is to defend the throne for 20 minutes by killing and slowing the attacking guild progress until the end of the timer. - Keep in mind: the health of the gates and throne as well as their stats is are different, each castle has its own stats Castle level object health Resilience % 1 Throne 50000 5 2 Throne 75000 10 3 Throne 110000 15 4 Throne 155000 20 5 Throne 210000 25 1 Gate 250000 5 2 Gate 275000 10 3 Gate 325000 15 4 Gate 400000 20 5 Gate 500000 25 For example, level 4 castle “Sky Sanctuary” gates will have 400k health and 20% resilience while the throne will have 155k health and 20% resilience. strategies Here we will be talking about some tips and tricks that could help with attacking or defending a castle as well as other helpful information. 1- Members Diversity A major thing a guild should consider before attacking or defending a castle is the classes and gears of the members participating in the siege, the guild most have a front liners, damage dealers and support. - Front liners are the classes that function as a tank class which can withstand a number of blows without dying and their job is to take most of the damage for the guild and force the enemies to engage them. - Damage classes are the main damage source for the guild relying on having a high damage but very low control or survivability. - The support classis’s main goal is to help the frontline and the damage classes in doing their job by providing buffs, healing and even control by disturbing the enemy formations. Keep in mind that the key to winning group battles is to have the balance between the game classes by not having too many of one class or too less of another and having everyone play their role. 2- Supplies Before attempting to attack or defend a castle you need to make sure you provide the correct supplies for your guild to help them win the battles. the most important item is the “courage scroll” which can be used to instantly respawn during castle battle. its really good to provide health potions to your guild to help them stay alive during the battle plus these potions don’t provide any extra buffs which could overtake any buffing potion which we will talk about next. 3- Minions & Buffs A really important thing to keep in mind when going into a battle is to have the right minions support and buffs to aid u in the battle. - Minions are an important assist when it comes to fighting, they can provide you with the extra damage you’re missing or the extra control you might need. - Having the correct buffs is also a necessity for battles we will talk about which buffs are recommended to get. I hope this guide could be of use to others specially to the guilds that aim into becoming stronger and claim a place among the high league, I will keep coming back to the guide and keep it updated. - Abi [ EU-Emerald]
  3. Thank you for taking the time to draw my rogue it awesome
  4. Is there going to be a raid boss for each side like last year or is there going to be just one For both?
  5. as a rogue player I must say... why? this skill is shifting the rog into becoming a pvp class only and not even making him relevant in actual PvP like GvG but rather 1v1 and 2v2 arena its also making the class fall behind more and more in terms of PvE due to giving him something he cant rely on during raid bosses or in dg boss fights. its a buff nevertheless which rogues need desperately but imo I dont think this is the buff rogues needed and it will only ruin the potential of getting a proper buff that could be used in all scenarios.
  6. does this mean you will gain the base skill dmg ( 160/2=80%) or just the extra ( 60/2=30%) ? does this work with the new buff for the skill ( shadow veil ) making it 6 \ 6.5 \ 7 sec ? @Holmes
  7. some guilds got the buffs but the rest didn't are we facing another bugg ?
  8. does this mean only the hunter will deal the increased damage to the target or everyone who attacks it ?
  9. finally spring event I think everyone been excited for it the new changes to the rogue skills are quite nice as rogue used to lack the cc and lockdown in term of pvp but imo i believe rogue's needs more love in term of pve dmg or rather dps as most of rogues are switching to daggers and the auto-attack only method making them rely on extreme skill only and no other skill .
  10. it's really sad to see a whole guild disappear in a blink of an eye, despite having problems with that guild or not losing a whole guild after seeing everyone there working hard and investing a lot of time and resources into it is just morally wrong, I hope this topic goes with a happy ending.
  11. I really like how "sir" Joachim was taken control of before dying and became an important piece in Totenkopf army " a general ". I don't read the story behind the events often but I have to say I really liked the story behind this one devs really out done themselves as always. Kind of excited to see this looks pretty fun to "ride"
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