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  1. Are the new expert skills still gonna cost 40k?????
  2. Sirkingzi

    [2015.12.02] Game servers stop!

    Free book of oblivion please guys
  3. Are the new expert skills still gonna cost 40k?????
  4. Sirkingzi

    [2015.10.29] Game servers stop

    Longest update ever
  5. Sirkingzi

    [2015.10.29] Game servers stop

    I hope its not full of bugs on new update lol
  6. Sirkingzi

    [2015.10.29] Game servers stop

    It can't be much longer now it's been over 3hours lol be patient all
  7. Wow this is sooooooo badass well done guys can't wait for this event now.
  8. lma yea why we not allowed to teleport to new lab
  9. wow game music in start screen is really cool nice job guys
  10. hey Roland do we have to download new version before we can try log in ??
  11. I still cant download new version 5.0 why lol??