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  1. I hope its not full of bugs on new update lol
  2. It can't be much longer now it's been over 3hours lol be patient all
  3. Wow this is sooooooo badass well done guys can't wait for this event now.
  4. hey Roland do we have to download new version before we can try log in ??
  5. we should get surprise chests if you win or not really though
  6. lmao is it gnna be 4 hours this time tho or is it gonna be like 6-8 hours again
  7. MC lazy as hell since I started I always found it hard to get help from high level players in the game lmao
  8. when will that guild castle/ fort thing be available the one in ayvondil please tell me its gonna be in one of the next couple of updates
  9. I actually hate the fact I cant participate in the war games on warspear cos its always 4am when war starts where im from
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