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  1. I have my own private server to! It's called sa-pearl
  2. 6. Barb got 2 taunts.....in places like swamps....while killing a particular mob...if i use roar(wich should lessen incoming damage), it taunts eveey other mob in d vicinity.
  3. I shouldn't have sold my axes so soon -_-. anyways noobs....wat abt arena. ..wen will u fix it :unknw:
  4. these days mobiles have blocking call features..! also u can download true caller from playstore.
  5. Meh....AIGRIND=old is 'gold'. Mage Blazing ground - Ground in a specified area starts blazing. All enemies inside the area suffer from constant magic damage during the time of the skill effect== this is like 'flame strike' skill used by kael'thas sunstrider[blood mage] from Warcraft 3:frozen throne. Shaman Lightning Shield - Shaman is surrounded by lightning shield. If the shaman gets any damage there's a chance that the shield will return magic damage== this is like d skill of all shaman units in Warcraft 3. Ranger Fire Arrow - Fire Arrow released dealing physical damage and firing enemy. While the target is on fire it is suffering from magic damage during some time= this is like searing/flame arrow skill used by tyrande whisperwind [priestess of the moon] in Warcraft3. Druid Forest Song - All enemies in the radius of Forest Song effect, with some chance, may fall asleep. Once they get any damage the effect disappears== this is like the aoe spell used by sylvanas windrunner[dark ranger] in Warcraft3:frozen throne. Necromancer Fateful Connection - Connects all enemies inside specified area with magic threads. A part of damage dealt to one of them is transferred to others== this is like d spell used by all spirit walker units from Warcraft 3:frozen throne. Come on GMS...grow up...be original.......I hope u get copyright issues wid blizzard co. U guys fully deserve it.
  6. nd I don't see those triangular objects dat r like dungeon gates.
  7. gr8 way to win.....however I often get paired wid noobs who think dat d best way to win is by teleporting alone n dying in a heartbeat -_-
  8. rags to riches in no time :-D thanx op guide XD
  9. yah ur right ....chosen is almost barren these dayS :bad:
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