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  1. 1. But then again, why warden and not BD or Pala, or even a mage with maxed barrier and life steal? If we have healers anyway, both Pala and Bd tank fine and deal more damage. And by now with mages, you don't need healers for all bosses even without warden (except eng and elm). 2. Not really, I started a Warden ever since it came out and after I got to lvl28, I was like now what? Why would I choose this over my pala in any situation? Also I saw a friend who full +10ed his warden PvP and PvE- wise and was pretty much useless unless we're doing Engineer without healer or Elm so I jus
  2. You're focusing too much on 1v1, Warden has no important role in Arena and dungeon at the moment. In dungeon you don't need a hard tank, any tank can do better because it can deal damage as well, and in Arena Stuns and controls win over tankiness. The only thing Warden is good for right now is Elm. Even in 1v1, warden deals so little damage to tanks that they can heal up the dealt damage with regen skills or life steal + stuns, it could be an endless battle as well. Maybe it can win only against seeker and rogue. There is a reason why we aren't seeing many wardens although it is the
  3. And no one is talking about Warden? It's literally the worst class right now.
  4. Yeah the burns are so nerfed because many noob players couldn't learn to avoid them and complained, they gotta bring em back.
  5. I don't think that tanks don't deal much damage, in fact I agree that tanks are dominant over healers in most aspects of the game. What I meant was is that the problem isn't only with the damage, because it is not in any way comparable to burst damage classes, but all tanks have good to high defensiveness and lots of stuns, those are more of the problem. Actually removing ferocity enchant won't really solve it. Maybe removing ferocity altogether, because since then, tanks got way more advantaged but it also won't happen. And removing immunity relics isn't really plausible because it is a tank
  6. I don't see why ferocity enchant from shield should be removed, unless you wanna beat every tank in 1v1. In Arena, they don't really deal that much damage, there are more important roles to do as a tank there rather than dealing damage, and the tanks' overall damage is nowhere close to the damage from Rogue, or Ranger.
  7. I remember getting so excited to get full set with bonuses thinking that I'm gonna get all bonuses for each piece
  8. Since we are expecting new t5 soon (this year hopefully)... I wanna suggest that devs give us a little more content in the aspect of questing in the next map. Like not just normal go and kill and gather stuff and then talk to that guy. We need hardcore almost impossible quests that would take a long time to finish like good ol' Chainless League quests and the Six Shadows. Also a quest system like Norlant Swamp with RNG rewards would be great. Those were the good times in questing, now it is like a boring job. Been waiting for the next town since a long time, might as well be worth it
  9. A BD raging cus he can't beat all 1v1? Dang need to balance sides.
  10. I mean, no need for any emailing to know if fake, just a quick google search is enough.
  11. It is a good concept skill for Arena mostly, but it has a short range and that speed reduction is so bad, and to remove it you gotta spend 3 skill points, it is basically a scam of skill points.
  12. I don't know what you enjoy with the current state of the game :D Nothing really new since releasing new classes.
  13. Tip if you want to get your costume in the game: Make it water-y ;)
  14. Yeah I said I don't have the perfect solo build, he also has +10 weapon.
  15. defense seems low, and since you're using spear, that damage is also low. But also here is the thing, I don't know the rest of your stats. if you have low accuracy and critical hit, the life steal would be wasted. Another factors that affect the solo is if all adds are attack you. If they are, go in the middle and use aoe skills to hit them all for life steal. Timing heals with burst damage life steal is also key. And some bosses/adds hit magical damage, you need to see which one you're fighting, because your mdef is low. For low to mid amp players I recommend pdmg 1handed with
  16. Don't bother, Paladin isn't a solo class. I have 6022 HP 743 pdmg 1h mace 166 mdmg 18.4%, 33,4% with relic Still can't solo t4 spiders without pots. Can only if I get lucky with non-failing Sun Seal or lucky with high activation rate of ls relic. Though still I don't have the perfect solo build, because I don't really care about it. For example I have low block and moderate parry, even life steal is pretty low, and my skill build isn't focused on it too. But that doesn't mean Paladin is a solo class, it really needs +9-10 amp, luck, and specific stats that will me
  17. Gladiator

    semi retiring.

    I agree that MCs have more stuns in total, but it is balanced in AoE, and that matters more for Arena. Single target stun cycles aren't as effective, because you have other players that remain unstunned and that should be able to help you out. Mage is just an example. And Barbs can't support with immunity, their stuns are a chance and single target. Those classes are more OP in 2v2. I agree with the problem of the 7 yard control, it shouldn't be possible anyway, just in order to give an equal advantage to initiate stun, depending on luck and quickness. If they keep it 7 yards, t
  18. Gladiator

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    I don't know how the situation with dungeons looks like for MCs, but for elves, No one pics Druids if they had a good Priest because Priests deal more damage. And no one pics a Priest at all, if they had good tanks. Mage can tank all bosses with barrier and enough life steal. Techno dungeon doesn't need healers for a party with strong 2-3 mages. For snow dung, 1-2 mages are enough. No need even Wardens. So I don't see any problem buffing the heals of the healers with ferocity, they are already useless as I said, they actually need more than heal buff as I mentioned. Also if you wanna get
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