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  1. I really had fun writing my story and the process of brainstorming ideas for it, it won't really matter if I win. Good luck everyone!
  2. Oh that last line gave me chills! Even currently as a devoted Paladin, I wonder if Harad would ever forsake me.
  3. Parry on cape and hammer, and resistance enchants on helmet, boots, and amulet would be better in my opinion. And I would change 1 ring to penetration and the belt to mana regeneration. And I do not think the full magic is better than full physical damage with 1handed mace. But if you want magic, that's what I think: https://db.warspear.pp.ua/calc/en/26881
  4. Btw need to edit sam hain to make look like the actual boss, it just looks like the pumpkin jack suit but with a difference color.
  5. I actually read the whole thing Good stuff man, good luck! The problem is that I had to read the longer version to fully understand what's going on exactly, the shortened version felt a little incomplete, but hey, maybe that's just me. Still definitely a winner candidate.
  6. Alright SlrDmg, if you think account sharing is legal, and since you already almost admitted sharing, then write down the names of the characters that you and your friends share, they won't get banned 🙂
  7. In an ancient city controlled by cruel rulers, lived lifeless people, wore lifeless clothes, had lifeless jobs. Whenever someone decided to do something unusual or not normal, they were sentenced to suffer, in a lifeless room full of people, that once wanted to live. The fate of those convicted people was mostly death, they were called to fight monsters in Colosseums to try to entertain people, but even such events were lifeless and had no joy for the spectators, the gladiators, on the other hand, had fun and didn’t feel the lifelessness, even though their fate could be death at any moment.
  8. Looks like we could see what those papers are! Sneak peek #2
  9. Life. Would you rather have nipple sized penis or penis sized nipples?
  10. Russians have already 3 pages of stories on their contest thread... Where are the internationals? It's looking good for me Anyway, here is a little sneak peek of my story
  11. you can make it as someone who's transgender and call it "it".
  12. Ever since castles existed, there should have been new ranks for the guilds. That would solve this issue too.
  13. Are those rewards sets merchandise sets or new arena rewards
  14. Well, when you put magic skills and spears/hammers for Paladin, then you give the player the chance to make those dedicated builds ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Same for charmer in its ability to use both gears. There is nothing wrong with different builds, better than all arena players having the same gear.
  15. No, the universe doesn't owe you shit, you should decide your meaning and purpose. Why do people still post here?
  16. Doesn't make sense tbh, Charmer and Paladin should be able to choose between magic and physical accessories, there should be no main specialization since both builds could work perfectly for both classes. Just another thing to promote diverse builds.
  17. Agreed. I suggested it before on my very nice pinned topic of fixes that NEED to addressed :) Need a mod to close this topic cus it's been already suggested. Oh wait...
  18. Tip: That's a nice relic, use it.
  19. Just learn reselling and get your profit as well, what's wrong with that.
  20. I don't think we are talking about 1v1 here. You said he killed 3 +10 barbs, I said they are terrible, and any 2 good player who know how to play won't die to a Warden with 400 damage and basically no stuns and damage skills.
  21. Those must be some really terrible barbs, because as far as I know, Wardens can barely reach 400 damage with maxed defense, which they definitely need to tank anyone with +10 ferocity weapon, while they're trying so hard to drop his HP below 80% hitting less than 200 and completely get dominated by stuns (from a barb in your example). I can bet on whatever that Warden can't kill any 2 good players of his amp, maybe they can't kill him but he also can't kill anyone. The only way nerfing Warden's defense is justified is to buff his damage and stuns.
  22. 25% and 40% of your HP at 3/4 and 4/4 respectively. While 40% sounds appealing, it is not that good. Keep in mind the shield doesn't count the damage reduced by your defense.
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