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  1. Proof? I can assume that 5 Charmers can fully stun all Paladins if each Charmer just takes 1 Paladin and stuns him from 7 yards.
  2. Nice logic. Well, 5 players of any AoE/control class really are just as bad. 5 Warlocks? 5 Charmers? 5 Shamans? 5 Mages? Even 5 Wardens? And if the problem lies with 5 Paladins in 5v5 then why nerf Paladin in all aspects like 2v2 and 3v3 instead of in only 5v5? Like to reduce the targets possible for example.
  3. The Fetter nerf was definitely too much in my opinion, they should nerf Experts instead. Fetter was there since 2012 and it was never OP, and now they decide to nerf it that much. It doesn't make sense. I made a topic about it in the international section for Paladin, check it out if you can English 🙂
  4. First of all, before anyone jumping in saying that I'm saying that because it's my class, I do think that Pala is too strong right now. But that was one bad way to balance it, and I'll explain. And after that, I'll try to suggest other ways to balance it. You can go directly to the suggestion if you don't wanna read the whole thing. Also I'm not the only one who thinks that, even people from legion side with good game sense would know that it's just too much. Nerfing Fetters in this radical way is a bad idea, and here is why: 1. Fetters is a basic skill: 1.1. Basic s
  5. Definitely too much 😞 At least make it like druid's Roots, only lvl4-5 disables skills usage. #Pray4Pala
  6. Arena will be active again* I hope more people can get access to that currency like top 10 or 20, but obviously the gear would be pretty expensive so that only #1-5 could afford to buy something in 1 season. Pls make seasons shorter btw. 1 month is good enough.
  7. Yeah that tab is pretty useless imo, it would have been better if we could put potions and buffs in it instead, not even necessarily buff skills.
  8. Goddammit ppl complain about actually having to do work to fully stun opponents.
  9. It seems very hard and challenging and I like that. I hope that we see new concepts in quests, not just the normal old stack quests and deliver on exp potion and get reputation for dungeon. I'm hoping for a challenge and a good reward in each quest. I have ideas of cool concepts if devs didn't think of them yet - For the quests that we need to go underwater for, we have to wear [Diving mask] otherwise we will start receiving periodic damage after some time. - (Some) quests will automatically fail if we don't complete them in a specific time (Because we drown) an
  10. You should change Boss Guild Battles to: Boss battles that we take but only like it when we win otherwise we get salty and cry in elf chat if we lose a raid boss battle.
  11. Thanks for everyone who voted 🙂 Hard luck for Higgings and the others.
  12. I used to think the same, but I feel like it's not necessary anymore, recently many items that give additional mana regen were added like on amulets and boots, and you can enchant mana regen on 3 items, and the guild passive. I think you just need to sacrifice some stats which is fair, and not spam all skills at once.
  13. Yeah I was afraid that I messed up in something and didn't meet the judges' criteria in some way, and that's why my story isn't on the poll, I hope that's not the case and thanks for everyone who voted for me. 🙂
  14. Yes, prestige costume and skins too. But I don't know how I feel about keeping the gears you already had, I think that you wouldn't need to get anything again (and amp them). I understand that it would make the option less appealing to people with Arena rewards for example, but that's why it's an option I guess. And on the other hand, I think it should be more rewarding to prestige, the more equipment you had and the more amplified they were (maybe some gold return) Keeping gold and other currencies and maybe even rare costumes is fine. Oh and I disagree on changing classes.
  15. So pretty much like a "Prestige" concept, I like it.
  16. I don't know and I don't really care. Would you rather be physically disabled but with great Intelligence, like Einstein intelligence level, or be as you are now?
  17. Nice topic, already seen it on Russian forum, thanks for putting it on International as well
  18. 1- Mother Russia 2- Sergei Sergeyevich Bodrov 3- Brother I kinda cheated a bit, his name is found on the picture's name I don't have anyone in mind now, without making it too easy or too hard.
  19. Congratulations to the winners, #1 is absolutely deserved! My vote goes to the legendary dummy killer
  20. Wtf big no to that. This is the dumbest idea I've seen on the forum.
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