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  1. Zedeght


    why not mc class? and 2 skills with constant energy consumption?
  2. you want visits in video
  3. What is your skill build of chieftain? :o
  4. I know of a very rich chieftain, and he dont put anything, I think because dont see forum xd
  5. Guys who can add a guide of all skills of the Chieftain? I mean a guide of the skills of how it work at [1/4], [2/4], [3/4] and [4/4] I really apreciate who do it
  6. Hi guys this isnt my idea and I think need be added, for that I put this in suggestion, im sharing the idea and video, Link of the vídeo:
  7. Response it pls
  8. =/ I want know it because my friend say is ending february, and I want to know xd pls response me =)
  9. Anyone know when start Spring event?, a friend say me its ending of february, pls anyone say me :)
  10. Hi guys, the expert skill of the chieftain have an error and I think need be fixed because for the new players is confused... I bought "Clans Help" yesterday and I know what do but was confused, so fix it. In the skill say: increases the dodge parameter, and isn't it, it reallly increases penetration, so put in the text, increases penetration
  11. NO! They dont balance each other out! The Sentinnels have many stun! You dont see their skills? Check it pls...
  12. The Legion side have more debuff's than sentinnels and setinnels have more buff's than Legion, that's unfair
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