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  1. All the classes? First, seeing for believing friend Anyway, having all the classes doesn't make you more God than the others. And less in amplification. I've seen PvE people beating PvP, I mean elves, as well as low levels like 28 beating them at high levels... elves too Also people +1 beating them to high in amp. Elves just in case Many Legion players are not to blame for always seeing the same thing for years of seeing you elves dominate the Arenas by just doing nothing. o Could it be that you forget that you guys have more stuns and AoE silence than us? that every day makes it impotent that they have the ability to neutralize an entire group instead of us at certain targets with a failure rate Now they come with a new hero who can do the same as the Templar and incidentally heal his group when he is actually untouchable In this case, the AoE stuns should fail more than those with a single target to be balanced between both factions since it is useless to focus an enemy when the others support each other, it is always simply unplayable and boring.
  2. some players have lucky is possible but hard
  3. Devs the Horror Achievement Blasted! Is hard to make you should increase time from Beat Zombies Attraction! 30 seconds I always got 16-17 zombies and low Tokens
  4. Dk need more penetration for magic damage and critical hit bonus
  5. Bruh Seekers can be killable with damage characters, the difficulty is others characters with 1k Damage so us unfair because they vampirism. but not all damage characters Anyway for Rangers everthing is easily
  6. He mean if 2 or more groups kill boss everyone get mission done from daily quests not battlepass
  7. This is very nice to understand unbalance of the game, now everthing have sense now. *something ramdom offtopic*
  8. Little difference? Ok Blade Dancer have shield no complain about BD's shield skill is nice, so block Paladins/Templar/Priest shield on allies because is unnecesary skill, only save players everytime Many Sentinels have shield so why support shield on allies? developers creativity is based only on shields for elves, I want Warlock with shield (eww cringe) add shield to Barb. Legion party group: All focus Beastmaster! *BM use tree* Legion party group:; all focus Templar! *Templar use Mantra* Legion party group: all focus Pala! *Pala use Shield on ally for emergency* Legion party group: ... focus seeker? *Seeker with damage reduction+resilience pvp and appears with paladin's Shield* Legion party group; ok.. smash Ranger? *Ranger keep distance intouchable cause of Paladin's fetters and Templar's Reverse flow* Legion party group: any options? druid? *Druid used Patronage and Forest song* Legion party group: keep trying? Ramdom dude: Bro everyone died Blade Dancer and Mage still alive Legion classes is useless bro especially DK, we dont care if they are full stun. Anyway is one of the worst classes of this game. Our stuns is always 1 target or removal stuns, and sentinels best skills inclusive Warden stun 100% Our 1 target stun can be 100%? well no because this is Elfspear Why Sentinels AoE stuns are 100%? who have more disavantage? 1 target or AoE targets? Read all skill guides first bro and see arenas Sentinels only win cause of max all AoE Stuns and survivability stats or damage stats My first char was a Paladin because idk how to select character in that time Now see now selection faction is ramdom lmaoooo, I think... anyway Embrace of Darkness talent is the best of all those others yes
  9. Invorial


    GvG system is based in unfair selection I don't like Mermen GvG anyway is one of the causes for make stop play a lot of persons and stay only p2w players who can get PvP gears easily
  10. 100% crits? who use that relic in pvp? Charmer use Penetration Relic 10% on Call probably never or when developers balance this game, I mean probably never xD
  11. Better than Charmer? Should be removed Broken Elfspear What's next Vampirism?
  12. He said the funniest thing, but he cant kill this Hohohohoohohoho Ask your Blade Dancers why always resist resist resist Rangers nuke everthing every click only using 3 skills or mages long resist and instant damage more stuns than chieftains and a shield The worst thing is they cant kill a summon with low HP, cause are PvE, Charmer only physical skill is Call and Knowledge of Death man other skills are full magical damage, is low damage for yours, look your templars Insane Damage with physical skills
  13. This still working, bug backs again Better remove that talent thanks, you can make happy a lot of players
  14. Do you think Charge is the best skill? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha 1 target Only how many druids palas templars save their lifes? Mermen armor How many times save their lifes? Fetters is one of the skills wich should be removed Agree Elves are Pampers, Im really tired of them always wins cause of their stuns and stats, Any class Elf carry another ally, but we like Legion need play ourselves with parry dodge and blocks so Pamper Elves!! and again PAMPER ELVES! Ask @Gladiator he compared both classes too vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
  15. Not for reduce damage, imagine, in 14 seconds you can get 10k damge received, but at 4/4 becomes 2k received, but after you will get 8k damage in 8 seconds, so 2k damage each 2 seconds?? how can we heal it with vamp?? this skill is design for kill us easily
  16. i very agree with this, delayed death is a skill granted for kill you
  17. nice, thanks for let us help at bugs and suggestions about classes! thank you so much
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