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  1. Post said is scheduled to summer in 2023 summer in Russia is near to end
  2. I don't really understand why u see all in PvP aspect, stop getting just it, u have to see different aspects, a barbarian 1vs1 is easily, but against +3vs1 is literally impossible, so much stun, even using resist won't do too much, i say in PvE aspect and PvP aspect, a warden can enter in a zone with 20/30 mobs without dying with mm, a pala too, dk too even being weak, barbarian entering in a zone with 20/30 can survive for some seconds while having mm armor, most of time mobs gives debuffs, so can heal with it, isn't always in PvP, because literally 7/10 elves have shields skills, so making damage doesn't matter for a resist of 4 seconds!
  3. i agree too , literally 33% is so low damage, i use for tech and some baits, but is low damage
  4. Warden tanks can use also steal heal, they can also use a lot of autoattack stat and can heal with vamp / block / aggro, so what's the point? Barbarians can use stealheal, yes, but need to know this, most of Sentinnels classes uses skills as a buff, even the Legion side usses skills as a debuffers, Check templars, can heal stunning, paladins can heal with skills, blade dancer 1 clic and autoattack = heal, even Legion: Death Knight= can combo heal or vamp, barbarian skill heal or vamp, rogue skill heal with COMBO and with DEBUFF (same as seeker, but seeker survavility is with skills buff even rogues survavility is with debuff skills), and there are a lot of more examples, but this isn't the point, I just think barbarian should get another skill heal, because if u say that can heal with vamp, is ok, you're not wrong, have good damage, but if stun? Rip, have a resist skill yes!, in tank mode people keep it at 1/4 (4seconds) with cd of around 25/30 seconds, wardens can use resist but don't use vamp, so is a quite useless having resist for survavility because they have a passive, that makes any block heals him a percent of hp, and look at this, PERCENT, (Most of Sentinnels use heal skill depending on their maximum hp (beastmaster, seeker, paladin, druid, warden, TEMPLAR, mage, etc. Even Legion side most depends on damage as base or nothing as a base) and can heal their hp with aggro too, using percent of hp, why 2 heals if already so op tank, so I can understand that u say: If a tank have dmg skill + resist skill = no need 2 heal skill. Comparation: Warden: Block Master (Healing skill) + Aggression (Healing Skill) + Resistance (Survavility skill) + {Skill that decreases enemy damage and increases a lot of autoattack stat} (Damage skill) Barbarian: Combat Fury (Healing skill) + Resistance (Survavility skill) + Berserker Power (Damage skill) If u think that the barbarian is already op then why warden better? If it's counter And having resistance doesn't significate that makes x2 or x3 more damage
  5. No need to know now, u use seeker as main, look, u should know already that elves and mcs have differences and obviously u will want mcs don't get buff, from long time i see u always reply mc ideas as a bad idea, as I know you aren't a barb and for defence u could say that you have, if u say that the barb is ok being like it is now, why aren't you using barb as a main? I just making a suggestion to developers, as an idea, They can adjust parameters of what i showed or make another functions of what i told, this forum exist commentaries, so anybody can talk what they think of this, but I'm not waiting a reply like yours, that always are bad responses like: "mc idea bad", "it is good like it is" and "It already have this so no need this" I need a good commentary, or that people talk if can change this for make this possible, I need commentaries of people that really play as a barb, that they really feel it, because if I get an answer of someone that don't play it is useless, if I suggest this is because I know what I'm saying, seeker is an overpowered class and u better than me should know that, for something you are playing it, I can talk about nerf but i didn't, in my case, I really love barbarian, even as a damager I really like tank, and I suggest because sometimes needs some heal, is good for PvE/PvP, for ending, if u always talk about mcs post like bad ideas because u want they don't get powerful like u are, then u will always fight against weak enemies, something that proves that you are weak mind trying to win always... I don't want to offend with all this, I am just telling u stop what u do, if u haven't something good to apport then don't opine giving something bad
  6. I suggest to make that the skill of resistance, heals the character depending on the debuffs, example: each debuff removed heals 2% / 3% / 4% / 5% of the maximum hp of the character with a maximum of 5 stacks of heal ( 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% of maximum heal per level ) could be good for a bit more heal, not all time we get 5 debuffs so is good
  7. yes, I am leveling one, but are op hehe
  8. Thanks to all community, developers and administrators, thanks for all the things that you made for us this year, and not only this, all years you have been working for this game, all community including me, are glad for this awesome 2D game, I started in the pandemy and I learn many things here, hmmm, I should not mention here but in this new year I hope that all toxic people change and understand the point of another persons, we are a community and we should understand all points, and thank you for the reward! I hope new members come to forum!!!
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