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  1. That would strongly effect low lvl arena
  2. In farm yeah, meele suck ass, but they can still be good in pvp ;D
  3. Well, this would also either help the shitty elf economy or duck up the stable mc economy... anyway it still would be a good idea, have more variety to choose from
  4. Interesting combo, will the dk have shield or 2 hand weapon? If the dk uses shield, a bd can ham lock, crippling his abilities, and have both ppl kill the lock at the same time and there may not be enough of your team's dmg to kill the enemies in time. Unless you really develop you skill, these kinds of combos are not as good because ppl can double team the character with lower lvl armor(Heavy, light, cloth) and then double team the Heavy when it is after the kill. If you are really good at this, it won't be the strongest combo, but it will be pretty damn effective.
  5. It really depends on where you want to take your character, if you want to lvl to 20, you really don't need help, just patience and persistence. If you want to arena, you will need mcoins to buy a lot of tix to earn the arena armor faster.
  6. Good point, a guy can have incredible dmg, but against a good rouge, it would be like having 0 dmg if he has low accu.
  7. why did u give ur email to a stranger :facepalm:
  8. Ok, as many of you probably know, warspear is full of remorseless scammers who want to get a lot of shit at little cost. Here is one way they do it and how to prevent it(This being the most common method): The Scam: The scammer is not a random noob, he's an experienced player that knows what he's doing Scammed: Selling_____ pm me Scammer: I buy for______ (Great price, usually has a lot of 1's) They make the trade and the scammer cancels the trade a bunch of times, either full bag or to ask a question/demand something. The scammer will present the correct price for most of the trades, canceling all of them.(Usually like 3-5 times) On the final deal the scammer will not cancel, but leave out a digit.(Usually a 1 cuz 111111 can easily be confused with 11111) They scammed, being anxious for it to be over, will lose concentration and accept the deal. He is scammed. Prevention: Always look closely at what the person is offering Look out for deals too good to be true Look closely at what you are trading If the deal is canceled more than 1 time, its probably a scam If the person is way too eager to trade and keeps inv. you to exchange where u cant even chat, its probably a scam If the person a low lvl, be VERY cautious, think why a low lvl would need that much stuff(Usually experienced players d this to hide their regular accounts OFC, look at chat to see if the person is a scammer If they trade from elf to mc or vice versa, or on 2 diff accounts, or even diff servers, it's probably a scam Lastly, this is not limited to gold, a guy tried to scam me by selling Lycanthrope's ghost(Werewolf minion) as the werewolf costume, he failed, but being it happened, people probably try it on other people. Have fun and keep ur money safe ;D
  9. Isnt this same thing happening to xherodark :bad:
  10. Next time an object of good value goes on sale, I will buy a lot of it and I would like to buy a rare costume...I have 4500 macoins and expect to get 500k+, and I would like a male costume. Ill buy on both elf and mc, but ill pay a lot less on mc because: A. Stuff is generally cheaper and B. I don't use mc nearly as much :snorlax:
  11. Priest and Necro duels will have the most
  12. Perhaps its sponserpay's offers that are the problem, ive downloaded stuff before that did not give me anything
  13. Most elves are asian, hmm, I did not know that :unknw:
  14. On Arinar, go there before the update for a guaranteed amp ;D
  15. Im still thinking arena is better :blush: ;D :dirol:
  16. Stuff like arena is always personal and mcoin costumes cant be unbinded
  17. wait, ppl cant make 3 accounts :search:
  18. awww quitting :cray:
  19. Hamstring is especially effective against staff users because it keeps them close for a longer period of time while crippling their skills. Keeps warlock and shaman from using fear and blind and keeps necros from healing :bomb:
  20. well... its making the mcoin buyers happy, and they make ws more money
  21. Of MC or FB, I will have to say taco is better
  22. I practically shit my pants when I saw subsonic's stats :bomb:
  23. Errrrmmm, imam say mine: 3250 def, 16%resi, 451 dmg, 20% crit... that's my pvp
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