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  1. but bd ll be feared and his team mate ll be pulled infront of sk then stunned with dk ministun and lock aoe stun. how can a melee enemy use disable? dk pull have good range so i think it wont be big problem agains range disables. thx for reply. plz post your ideas, even if u are not sure.
  2. death knight as tank and burst warlock or necro as disable and dmg dk pulls, stuns, atacks. other team mate uses fear/nightmare to other enemy and burst pulled one. pulled one ll die. other one left alone. is this good/posible combo or it sucks and very counterable? can you advise another combo for 2v2 pvp or 3vs3?
  3. dk öneririm, tek başına kasması daha kolay.
  4. thx why do people lvl exhale then? it hits with magic and dk dont have much magic power.
  5. i registered for 1 reason and it is asking this. torn: what is the dmg multplier per skill lvl? exhalation: what is the dmg multplier and stun durations? threads: how much is the bonus dmg? dark shield: what is the chance of block per lvl? i realy wonder this values. sorry for bad eng if i ve done mistakes.
  6. what is the block change per slill lvl? why i cant find any solid staticks about skills? it say it blocks with luck but it dont say something like: %10 .
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