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  1. Luckiee

    When GM/ADIM

    When are warlocks getting nerf you guys nerf rouge already you should nerf warlocks a little because 5 warlocks in arena is impossible to win. all they do is spam dark circle (NERF IS NEED ASAP) in arena it makes me NOT WANTING TO BUY MCOINS FOR ARENA TICKETS we you just gonna lose against 2-5 warlocks thats all you need to win BALANCE THE BEEP GAME DAM!!!!!! It's making me rage xD
  2. Luckiee

    Mages useless?

    Just wanna know if mages are a waste of time to build before I invest alot of money into a char I'm thinking mage lock or ranger :tease:
  3. I just wanna know which class has best crits [not the strongest one hit but the most constant crit]rouge warlock or ranger
  4. Well we all know melee classes are dying out because spell caster became OP big time all I see is mages locks Druids shammys priest and necros because melee classes don't stand a chance against them in arena if there's three or more and most of the time there is JUST want to know every ones opinion thx for you time
  5. 5warlocks vs 5mages all +10 who ll win ? Dont pick favs just pick by classes skills etc I think mages just because there is lvl 17 gears that have dark def which gives mages a little bit of edge plus they have sun amor skill what do the rest of you think?
  6. Fbs always had a better economy then mcs that why its costly on elf side
  7. ignorance hehe so u must barely started warspear when the amp system cause before we needed help to pass missions no such thing as soloing
  8. Hehe ya i probably help your char grow you ll never know hehe
  9. Luckiee

    Poll Time

    Not that many active forum players hmmm.....
  10. Both high lvls I'm old player just with new name hehe
  11. I tried it hehe both of them :aggressive:
  12. elf side is better trust me it and help just gotta make the right friends
  13. Just wonder what ever thinks about rouge personally i don't like them cause the kill me and there sneaky little snakes haha :rofl:
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