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  1. I play on Android device, downloaded the new version right from Play Store and I have the same problem, brought the manual and my rogue is lvl 20 but still "Couldn't add expert skill "Elusive Jump"" who will return my 40k? Btw 40k its so expensive :facepalm:
  2. Why dont u change to arena gear? And if u are going to be afk, stop demanding :facepalm:
  3. I have a guildmate who is full +10 novice and Lyena is always saying that shes a hacker hahaha
  4. Tu nivel de spanglish es impresionante :P
  5. que hace este gay aca :L
  6. Why do u care a lot about this guy? He is an old player he earned that boe at his level, if u were an old player maybe u were using the same bug for you
  7. As our Gamemaster LaOnza said, we are more than 4million players, and many newbies coming everyday, that means a lot of players who need help, and trust me, the first map bosses can't be killed by low level questors, and this is where we enter the helpers. -The first thing you should know is: As much as you want to help someone, always think of you first. This means That if you do not have the time, money, and tempers, is better than no help That person. -Second one: You should never help borrowing gold to an unknown player, if you do it, you probably will not see it anymore. HOW TO HELP: -If you dont have anything to do, you can always take a look on world chat, there's a lot of players who needs help. If you see one, start wondering about the kind of help he needs, if you can help please do, otherwise he will lose his time and yours. ((See Image 1)) AND WHAT DO I WIN?: -A true helper never expects anything back, do you remember when you were a newbie asking for help?, well maybe that player is in the same situation, without gold, and hoping some help. -Still, many players insist on paying after help, here's a free choice of the helper. -Still helping at dungeons, you will get a reward from here, which can be sold for a humble price. ((See Image 2)) -The only sure thing you will get is an honest thanks of that person you helped. ((See Image 3)) By Jasonfrad (Rogue lvl 20), Xpumafox (Bladedancer lvl 6) You can PM me in-game if you need something. Sorry about my bad English. It's not my native language and therefore I have made ​​many mistakes while I was writing this post, thanks.
  8. Why can i do? I dont have candles on my house :/
  9. This change is coming on next updates, u should read some official posts ;)
  10. I had already posted this, but wanted to post here in suggestions, feel free to comment -What's up? :D Hey! I have an idea and I want to ask you: what do you think? Well it's about add a new item to the "facilities" section, its something like Unbind Scroll, I get this idea because a lot of items can't be unbind (I don't know how to say I'm not good english speaker/writer) you understand me, so tell me what do you think? -Also a Name Change Scroll, non-miracle coin users want this privilege too, I don't know why we can buy Market Licence and no this kind of stuff
  11. [/size]You're right, real scammers laugh about gm's work, they're running around scamming stupid people like me, but a lot of people waste real money on this game, and one noob guy take that money out
  12. I have the same dificult fight against Fire Elementals :L
  13. I amplify two blades to +5 using only one set of signs, then I used a set in each to achieve +6
  14. Yeah and he said if he gives me one account, i will say its not true that hes a scammer, by the way, the real owner of this character "Magtagoka" pm me in-game i will return u your account my characters: -Jasonfrad -Justheal -Jasonfradd (elf)
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