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  1. These folks keep making fake accts can’t y’all delete the lvl 8 below that’s be inactive for so long
  2. Wen I go into game dis happens sometimes
  3. When admin come to work just tell them to block the up address from game
  4. An as I can see it temporal denial access of game an I can wait it out ik one thing I’ll never do it again learned my lesson lol an FYI the girl in your profile pic or if it’s you, she beautiful, thanks for the chat
  5. If I was expecting for the worst of this account and it was to get banned I appreciate the experience that I had with it an still rate it as a 10 star game and wish you guys the best
  6. Why every time I get strong y’all block my account like when y’all banned my acc thingxone like 6 or 7 years ago for no reason but Ian een trippin off that is mad at the fact I paid almost 500$ total on this damn game and paid somebody 20$ for 800k and when I’m get strong or wat ever y’all get the feeling to block me lol for what reason cuhh this time ik for sure I didn’t share my account cuhh I don’t talk to nobody just my brother and I don’t even let dem use it so what’s the problem now
  7. I bought 10$ mcoins 2 days ago but it's not on my acc but it took the money out my bank acc
  8. Is divine gatekeeper costume still available to get
  9. Man they still got my account banned from 5-6 years ago they said I shared my account but I don't recall sharing it with don't body Ik I was about to buy mcoins and the next day they banned it
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