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    i can play everyother game nicely without lags except warspear so im sure its a problem with warspear not my net connection.
  2. Blood Elf Paladin"FOR THE HORDE" 8) screw alliance :diablo:
  3. quit quickly before you get addicted or you will regret later.
  4. Edge

    The FoF Clan Book

    i remember luks disturbing me too long back when i was hunting genie. got really pissed off that time. he said he was doing it for fun. :diablo:
  5. Edge

    Bye Warspear

    i hope skyrim works in my pc.Cant wait to buy that.http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/ shows i have the minimum requirements . hope it works.
  6. let me guess ... that druid must be proserpine
  7. :( If anyone is playing wow u can find me there.i play in us thaurissan.
  8. Dont buy mc. its not worth it paying for somuch for just 10mc.
  9. arena weapons are supposed to have resilience thats what makes them different from normal PVE gears. if you dont want resilence buy normal items . arena items are for pvp .
  10. Rogues in emerald are pro bit hard to kill them ;D
  11. If they do conduct tournaments they will charge 1000 mc to buy a tournament ticket .
  12. Before update Barkskin used to increase physical def by 1% every skill lvl (max 5% at lvl 5)now at Lvl 1 Barkskin increases all defences (physical and magical resistance)by 3% and additional 1% every skill lvl i.e max 7% phy def and magic resistance at lvl 5.
  13. Edge

    bye bye!

    I Quit too . im just having some fun with my rogue in viet server. this game is not the same anymore, used to be really nice. :facepalm:
  14. i had the problem twice.
  15. Im not paying for the game anymore.
  16. then something's wrong with my client cant log in .
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