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  1. i taughted they need money for development that why every last uptade was bout money now maybe they focus on players,new quests,new island,new lvl but no,instead u shit on our faces n wtf r all devs n admins,leave a coment,say something
  2. is this posible update i just released n i can not login due to server maintenance
  3. U know what i think that u need a life
  4. Our charge skill doesnt even work if we dont tank enemy if we use charge in the middle of battle nothing hapens
  5. If barbarians r overpowered than i am too powerfull sorry update is ok,but takin power away from barbs is just stupid
  6. We barbarians have two useful skills n u reduce power of one i can not duckin believe it,wtf. Im so duckin disapointed give us our chop skill power back nabijem vas na djoku
  7. Jakov


    He is on eu server too
  8. Jakov


    He is too stupid to be a hacker he ask ppl to give him their accounts on loan for ten minutes he asked me tath who is stupid enough will give him everything
  9. It would be nice to make a tournament with rewards for first placed like equipment or curencies i think this one would work nicely ai grind,pls read this topics,there r some really good suggestions
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