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  1. AAnd yet again its more money. At the least u should make farming for gold easier again so those who either can't afford mcoins or can't buy in their country can still obtain items neeeded to make a decent character.
  2. I've already switched over to pocket legends. Im done wasting time and money just to get screwed over. F U coinspear
  3. my point exactly. Mc finally get setup where we had people coming to our side to help even the numbers and boom. Not even some complimentary vasoline for our sore a$$holes. So since its crying you want. Yeah lower ranger attack and trap time and how far scatter shot pushes you back. But that'll never happen. Cuz you devs are a bunch of elf loving fairy's
  4. Seriously? Sounds like elfs got favored again. I mean cmon lower stealth duration and recharge time yet u gave bds more damage? As if hamstring wasn't enough of a piain to deal with. For a minute I was excited the update came out on my bday. Which is today. But now. Im back to having no real opinion. Well maybe I lied. My opinion is QUIT TAKING STUFF AWAY. There were ways to geg a rogue out of stealth. Not my fault people donet know how to think. And don't complain like bds and druids can't do it cuz you elfs always run in packs like sissy little girls. Thanks airgrind and the team who does the developements for sucking big donkey ****
  5. hmm strange. enemies can talk to each other. enemies can loot the corpses. enemies can even trade. maybe not here. but whatever it was a suggestion. you wanna sell a bg drop for what maybe 500 coins cuz you cant use compared to 50k or more go for it. just saying it sounds retarded to me
  6. elf aint nothing one on one and when you guys ose you do the pansy thing and go get more help. run your mouth all you want but ive seen it way too many times to care about your stupid arguements. and dont act all innocent either and try to say you dont cuz i have accounts on elf and mc and ive even heard you punks asking for help killing one person on trade chat. if you cant handle a fight one on one then go somewhere else dont be a sissy
  7. And why not? So you're saying you get a well tried halberd (barb weapon) from bg your just gonna sell it to shop instead of getting a decent amount of gold for trading? Wow th :facepalm:at's just RETARDED
  8. All classes good. Rogues can crush an attack shaman in 2 hits with stealth critical. But if a shaman can predict where the rogue is shaman can use quake and pull them out of hiding. Barb just have way too much health and defense. Rangers blessing makes rangers very dangerous especially if they catch you in a trap and then use scatter on you. More or less dead before you can do anything. Bd hamstring is annoying you just sit there and get beat down without being able to do much plus sap lowers attack strength and speed. And I've fought a heal druid who's heal was so high it was like attacking a brick wall with a pillow. But yes two rogues in arena can own. I fought with wolfdragon on us server and we won all but one fight out of seventy. It all comes down to what skills you choose. And yes how much money you have. Just my personal insight
  9. Really the topic says it all. Bring trade between elf and mc back. That is all
  10. Ok palringo chat is setup for our clan members. Pm mordrin in game for more details after installing palringo chat
  11. Not sure about ajax chat but I know there's a chat app that's free and people can download on their phones called palringo. The only thing would be to choose our room name and pm everyone in game that way we don't have to post it here and have annoying elf trying to butt in where they don't belong. Which will be super easy to set up. I can have it set up right now
  12. You're right stallone I don't need to bother with cevil. Just like I don't need lvl 18 to beat him either. Talk your trash run your mouth. Doesn't matter. You're still a loser. So enjoy your next post cuz this is my last response to you
  13. That's almost funny cevil you couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag. Hmm warspear wow im guessing that in itself means this is a WAR game. And seriously u beat me? Wow you must have been dreaming, or had help. And you're right I am strong. Whether its my skills or my eq. And a noob? If im such a noob then explain to me why you and your little elf friiends always gang up on me. What exactly makes me a noob? Cause I have no respect for sucker punching elves who can't fight their own fights? Cause I kill every elf I see on sight? Cause I kill your healers knowing that the rest of you will die? Oh wait that's rught im a noob cause I haven't been here as long as you. So since your such a veteran what's your excuse for still sucking? Ill tell you like ill tell anyone else you wanna duel im game. Oh that's right someone else is playing your character. Like I said you can't handle me one on one. When you grow a pair u know my name. Until then stfu you gay fairy loving faggot. Oh and have a nice day
  14. Lol doesn't matter who he is. Simple fatc still remains my mc will kill his fb. And its not like im trying to say im a god or anything but I know what I see. I beat and elf. And he comes back with friends. I start a fight one on one and others decide to jump in. I mean cmon are you all scared of a little lvl 16 that bad? Why run? Why call your friends? Why attack 5 on 1 ? Just seems to me that elfs are scared of lil ol me. And like I said before. Elfs use to run through mc lands attacking everyone they see. So don't cry because I use my skills or because I kill you for breathing. What comes around goes around.
  15. II agree with the guild idea. Disagree with the loot prices those need to be returned to old version cuz unless your selling mcoin items it takes forever to get enuf gold to do jack with. Clan wars in arena would be interesting. Weapon prices are rediculous once again pandering to the rich. Something like a guild creation crystal would be alright to have drop from random bosses. It would need to be tradeable tho. Wouldn't mind seein all eq as tradeable. I mean even armour personally made for someone will fit someone else so it only makes sense. Besides it will help those who don't have money or can't buy mcoins in their country make gold in the game.
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