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  1. sorry if the image is pretty hard to grasp, i did it pretty quickly, ill modify it soon. :fool:
  2. as we all know, the game is starting to get slightly boring as we play(maxed levels would know what i mean). even though berengars tower and the new skills have been released. they are only fun for some time, then they just get boring again. i think you should start creating events( like my previous posts) to release the baoredem and get people excited whilst you work on your other major projects for the game. Basically the name of this post explains it all...War. The game is called Warspear, so why not spice things up with wars? this could be an event that occurs maybe once a week at like near night time, afternoon, etc. This is how it would work. 1. it basically shows a message on alll chats saying something like "Get ready for war" or something like that. a countdown timer of about 30 secconds will start and it will say "fight!" 2. once it has begun, the objective is to basically start a war but the main idea is to infiltrate each of the enemies towns in the game. it can start off by killing the town 5 leader then town 4 leader town 3 and all the way to town 1! where they have to kill everything in that town. 3. Also, there should be a counter showing how much enemies enemies should kill. lets say about 500 for each side, it may seem like alot but it wont be after the war has begun ! 4. once either side has has won, eg mcs/forsaken win, everyone who has participated in the war ranging from level 12-20 gets a prize of your picking ! it could be anything from mcoins/ gears/ gold/ anything ! but it must stay a secret untill the side has won ! of course your all probably thinking about low levels which would get caught in all this action, so they could probably be invisible to everyone no matter what or why not just create a simple map? mcs/forsaken on the left side and firstborn/chosen on the right. ill draw the map out later when i have time. Image is at the bottom, reallllyyyy rough draft. can be used if the low level problem is a reallyyyyy big issue. ALSO: a new feature on Menu>Events. this shows all of the events that will occur at times having a today panel at the top with an arrow bringing you to other days. so yeah basically, this is the suggestion. i extremely think that this would be a great feature to add to the game as it would lessen the amount of people quitting each day/month/week/year and it would actually engage everyone in the game to something fun rather than just logging in, doing quests, killing elfs/mcs and logging off. EDIT: this is basically how it should work. 1-Menu> Events> (shows a list of different events occuring and their times. Countdown if its on that day) 2- around 30minutes before the event begins, a dialogue box comes askin if you want to join the War event (or it could be a notification to minimise disturbance). 3-if you press no. You can still enter at any other time but youll have to go menu > events> select it 4- 10 seccond timer pops up counting down l. When its finished, you get teleported to the map (or it will say go if you want the event to be in irsnort) 5- once everyone is inside, everyone who is there gets automatically a quest (just like tower) to kill elfs/mcs, and leaders etc. 6- In the pic below you can see different points, that would be filled with the sides npcs and allies etc, each side has to destroy each other's. Untill the other team has nothing ! 7- example: kill 200 sentinels, leader 1 (name) leader 2 (name) leader 3 (name) Grand leader (name), Guards (0/70) 8- everyone has unlimited lives. Once they die, they go back to the starting point of the map. 9-once either mcs/elfs finishes it first. After 10secconds. Everyone gets sent back to their original location then they get awards that come through mail. Also a box showing things like this : Length of the full war event, how much mcs/forsaken made and how much damage elfs/chosen made etc. 10- to make so no one tries to cheat the system and bring many chars. Only people who have been actually killing helping etc. Get the items, to make sure everyone participates ! 11-prizes can be anything from the mshop, costumes you created, can be prize packs such as : costume, signs, mystery chests. 12- then thats it basically. This event is pretty big so it would have to be like 1nce a week or 1nce every 2 weeks ! By the way. I reckon only level 20 characters will be able to participate as they have finished levelibg up in warspear and theres nothing for them to do. Also it would minimise the amount of people in it and urge people to level up rather than stay at low levels ! Also dont worry. The would be other events that would suit all levels. ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING ! Everyone gets annoyed by people who cross and cross maps just to stay alive. INSIDE the event, once you are in combat, you cannot cross the map. Only ehen your out of combat tou can proceed ! This applies in the event only. EDIT:Ive been thinking and I realised tgat not everyone has like high end devices(ones that can handle heaps of things) and so when everyone gets teleported in the map it would cause people with not as good devices to have problems with framerates etc. So here is a small fix(only applies to new map) (btw when I say mcs fbs. I mean mcs forsaken/fbs chosen. Its just a shorter way of sayin it) When the event is about to start.Only 20-30 people from each side, mcs/fbs Get teleported in the new map and the countdown begins for thr actual war to begin. After like 30secconds after the war begins, another 20 people get summoned into the map and so on untill it reaches the maximum amount of players allowed in the map. Hope you all liked ! :drinks:
  3. haha i see what you mean. it was the only pic i could find in to help the example
  4. i would agree with this suggestion. but what if the person you were following were to cross the part of the map?
  5. i would agree if: transfer only works if the old gear has to be lower level or same level as the one your trying to amplify also depending on how much lower the previous weapon could also determine the new amplification of your old weapon and i dont see why every update should involve miracle coins, such as this one. lets say you pay gold or something.
  6. thats fine by me. you got my vote.
  7. ok we all know ampplification. it only increases the first stat of your gears. im thinkin you should add a new feature to the game called weapon stages or something. that increases every part of your gears. thsi basically means amplifying your gears but all of the stats increase ! it should only be about 1-3 or 1-5 stages so people wont get rediculously overpowered with this new feature. the way weapon stages can work is, you need to go to the repairer guy, now he can be a blacksmith or something. and he is able to increase the stage of our weapon/item. you will need various items depending on your item in order to increase it stage. these items can be obtained from mobs, bosses and mini bosses. the miracle shop shouldnt be needed for this as it would give everyone a fair chance of making their items better. EXAMPLE: you have a 2h axe with 200dmg, 2%crit 2%penetration 2% dodge. first stage increase would be 2x that, seccond another 2 and 4th another 2x and youll end up with 200dmg(or 1600 if you want stages to effect dmamage aswell.) 16%cit 16%penetration and 16% dodge The above example may sound stupid, but yes its an example. these arnt exact values that the devs should use. the blacksmith can not only repair items now, bet he should be able to increase the stage of your item and also this crafting thing youve been mentioning to us as aivondyl is approaching. once the stage of your weapon is maxed, it basically has its own effect along with the amplification effect aswell. for example, say you had a weapon that was from a fiery red boss or something. once the stage is maxed and all the stats have increased, it basically has its an animation toward it to resemble it has been fully maxed. . just like the below image for dooms, it could be like darksish glows or something like that, halloween weapons could be like a dark red/black moss/smoke appearing from the weapon etc. ice could be white/blue smoke etc. This was kinda rushed, when i have time ill fix it up, hope u liked.
  8. Even tho. This will get rid of all the people who lag beofre around na, go afk before arena starts. And ots most ideal for random because you don't know who yoi are going to be laired up with. We all know its annoying when you have to face a 2v1 when your team member just demanded and left. It might lessen the process of going into arena but look. Its only 1 step they have to do. Small price to pay to have a fakr match ! :) And if the paet leader demands and instantly you have to afree that you will enter arena before the system even finds opponents, that basically rules out the purpose of the button ! This is because you can just accept and still go away even if you haven't entered arena rather than the confirmation popping up telling you that your arena demand is ready. Ensuring that everyone is ready and no one is away when you are teleported .
  9. Read carefully. Arena confirmation will only come up when the system find the team. When all accept it. You will then be teleported. :)
  10. Its just a small dialog box tjat appears at the top center of the screen with either the text "arena" or the image, including the accept/decline. Along with tgat is a coundown of approximately maybe 15 secconds. If the player does not accept. The system finds another player that has demanded for arena ! :)
  11. Ok when we do arena doing random battle. We are not in a paety therefore we cannot see our teammates hp and which player would need heal and which doesn't. Basically: when you sign up for arena(random) and get inside, the game automatically puts you in an arena party so you can see eveeyones hp and yeah. Benefits are that you wouldn't accidentally heal someone who is not even dying and you can go help out the person with less hp ! Thanks
  12. Ok we all know how we demand for arena and you might get up to go get something to eat. When your back you've seen that you've entered arena and the rest of your team is already out fighting. Or it could be someone else in the team that away too and your faced with a 1v2 etc. Basically. Im suggesting you add a confirmation somewhere along the screen, once all team members have accepted the arena battle, you will all be teleported inside. The confirmation thing could possibly pop up at the top of the screen, just a small accept/decline button that pops up. Because you wouldn't want it popping up slap bang in the center of the screen while your doing something. Eg farming killing enemies etc. The advantages of this would basically mean that only the people who are still active and not away will get sent into arena. This will stop this AFK business in arena. Ill fix up my explanation soon so its clear if you do not understand Thumbs up if you agree.
  13. Maybe its time casters get damage like meeleee. No rings/capes/belts/almulets/armor to supply magic damage. Its all in the weapon? Would be interesting !
  14. MENU> SETTINGS> SWITCH CHARACTER> pops up with your characters list for you to choose ! I know its pretty fast to switch characters but this could be essential for people who would wan to quickly switch characters without having toquit the game to the menu and press play again. Thanks
  15. Ive also been wondering why elfs crossing is smaller than mountain clans crossing?
  16. 1. Ok my first one is about the miracle shop (buying items) -everyone knows about those things that pop up when either damand arena or accept a quest (gladiator, unity, knowledge elixir. If your quick using touchscreen and stuff. Ypu may accidentally press buy to those items. I know I have (luckily I didnt have miracle coins at that time ! Basically im saying, when you purchase a miracle coin item. Add a confirmation message (Are you sure you want to buy "item"). This will prevent people from accidentally buying unwanted items ! 2. This is also for the dealer. Add a confirmation for when you buy items so if you buying arena tickets for example and tou just keep pressing buy. You wont accidentally buy 1pc ticket fot 10k -.- Thanks
  17. I know this is your game but does it sound right to be deleting a character made by someone? Maybe be it was used to reserve a name for later use so that it wont be taken when he/she decides to return. Eve tho. Wouldn't you have to update the T and C's of the game so that the people with those particular characters will get notice. Even if it is it must be confirmed that they've read it. Anyways. Its a no for me. That person may have kept that character for a particular reason... Sorta the same as deletong a character who is maybe full +10 and quit for a couple of years. It may even have mcoins. You think that they would be happy to realize that their character got deleted just because they stopped playing for some time? Nope(I know I wouldn't) Maybe its just time tl increase the letter count for names from instead of 3-10 to 3-15.
  18. With the upcomming instances update. I really think that the skills for shamans and druids would really be needed to in the more difficult dungeons. Im also thinking about necromancer s and priests having a shield Aoe. In order for them to shield people in their party. But takes longer to reload because its not just protecting the necro its going on other people.
  19. Imagine how mu honey s makin from this scandal lol. Its their best idea et. People are spending thousands of miracle coins for a costume signs and minion. Lol I've seen many other suggestions that actually describe a good idea of a guild tournament. With all the battles and stuff. Of course I expected the gm not to even reply to any of these cus as we all know. They wanted money ever since the miracle shop started. Every update includes the miracle shop in some way... >.> The people who are saying its alright im pretty sure your one of the wealthy ones who buy mcoins for thistournament
  20. forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=88478.msg553702#msg553702
  21. Thanks for support guys. Lets hope they actually read it. ;)
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