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  1. [Partisan of Bloody Reaping] sell or trade for +8 Acute claymore Server Eu-Emerald Mc side Pm me here.
  2. Dk with stun wins, as barbs have only charge that works at distance.
  3. 1st elfs are overpopulated, 2nd 90% from them will gank in swamp, 3rd 90% of them are noobs that think that ganking in swamp or at stairs make them pro, or make them look cool.The same goes to mc to, but in smaller%
  4. Barbs charge should be like bd rush.Rush are way bttr than charge as it doesnt need target to be used.
  5. [big Fellow] or [ice queens ring] sold.
  6. How it looks, pls post picture, thanks in advance!
  7. If that feature would be aivable in your game,there could be also option four your team to gain money.If in miracle shop could have option to request inactive level 1 character nickname, by paying miracle coins. And if that nickname are not in use, then players name could be replaced by the nickname he requested, and the inactive character would get that players name.Realy hope that inactive character nicknames could be obtainable by others!P.s. sory for offtopic.
  8. Why there are no deletion of unused level 1 characters?
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