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  1. Support? This subforum is a joke. Dont even bother posting here. Quit this game, its not worth playing anymore. After 0.7 it become worse n worse. Listen to the Slay suggestion - give this game bad revievs at every site.
  2. Hahaha f2p game more expensive than p2p. I told u all already to go play other games like WoW. F2p always will be shit. Future of the game: "Warspear v6.6.6 update features: *now u need to pay real money to get loot from mobs/boss *now u need to pay real money for guards at every city to be able to enter it *every 30min of game u need to pay real money to replenish ur stamina or u need to wait month to be able to walk again *u need to pay also for every login to the game (we changed the last bug, u dont need to pay now when u log out from game) *when u kill enemy player u need to pay for his grave This and alot more expensive features await u in the game. Happy shopping.. oh we mean playing. :D"
  3. Every f2p game is the same - u need to pay to upgrade ur items, if u nt pay u lose it. Simple. Im surprised that there are still no hacks in this game, which allow u to up ur items to the max without paying.
  4. Hello everyone, I see that game get another update which focus on "awesome" Miracle Shop. As u (devs) can see game is slowly ruined thx to MC, and rich guys, i have best suggestion and solution for every problem. MAKE GAME P2P AGAIN! I know that will not happen, because that move mean less money. ;) Thank u for not reading my post, Regards, Drunkman.
  5. Wait wait wait.. Devs and other ppl here always said: "u should report it to support at (email here)." but this topic is called SUPPORT, then whats the point of this subforum, when ppl will NOT get answer here?
  6. 1 horse is enough for most of u! Why need another one? :D
  7. They added u to their black list. :D Next challange: spam forum with 1k topics "pls recover my account!", then u will get fast respond, and u will got smashed with banhammer :) Or maybe devs have christmas already? Its "nearly" 24december isnt it? Lol
  8. Lol u really did it. Crazy. :DWarspear devs are same as WoD team, they dont care about support/game/anything, and most important is money.
  9. Lol if u want quick replies from devs, change topic name to "recover my acc, because i want buy alot mc!" - 5 mins and it will be done.
  10. R3van


    Its very good decision, quit this game... oh i mean shop before its too late. I remember our little wars at 0.7v when that game was still playable. 4 sure u dnt remember me, but i also said good bye Godly.
  11. Can i choose every option? Lol
  12. No way! If thats a challenge, im in. But not today, need to wake up to work early, also i need to run my Pc made by USSR to fast spam.Ps: I bet u remember the "spam era". :)
  13. Indeed im, especially when im drunk (that mean nearly always).
  14. I write crap too, why i dont get ban? I want a ban too, in the name of justice!! Rainbowz dont deserve it. :) Ps: i dont fear a bans, because i can back here anytime i want, even after ban, its not hard to change IP number in xx century. Hello dynamic IP and proxy. Said that to rainbowz. ;)
  15. Add me to the list. I was smart enough to leave the game at beggining of 1.0v, because game was too boring. I see nothing changes at all. Right now money rule this game. Devs thought that ppl will wait half year to be able to lvl up character a bit? No way..
  16. There are alot of good old games, just get emu on ur pc. Skyrim, oh yea, i will play it too, when i get it into my hands. :)
  17. WoW got alot of private servers? Its f2p.. And better to "must pay" for game, than ruin it with small payments (mc shop).
  18. Uhmm, where did u live in last few years? U dont know any good games at old consoles?
  19. Nokia 3310i - i was surprised that game work smoothly on this phone, black-white screen and midi music hinder the whole gameplay, but when i put 4D glasses on and plug phone to microvave via RJ-45 slot, its playable.
  20. Lol that red helm looks like keetle or WWII german helmet, PRO pixelart.
  21. Greedy, greedy, greedy! Better send that money to charity things, or buy premium at better game -WoW-, where devs play fair with players.
  22. SOLD! Sulla is the winner.Acc in such crappy game isnt worth more. Yes im War$p€ar hater. :)
  23. Lol selling ur acc is bannable, Sulla is right. Anyway alot ppl play only to sell his char, its normal, but to sell acc u need to use brain. Just look at any auctions sities, u can buy acc 4 every mmo. But do it when devs dont watch! :) Any1 want BUY mine acc? ;)
  24. R3van

    bye bye!

    Lol im surprised that ppl still play this game. This game should be called "War$p€ar" lol Dont waste time on it, play Skyrim straight away!
  25. Just one hour passed.. When i lost mine mc i waited 2days for answer. Be patient.
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