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  1. Whoa hairy guy! I did not even notice this reply. Anyway IDGAF anymore, warspear can do whatever they want with my account. I'm quitting anyway
  2. God damn! Rogues are now everywhere!!! Just like rabbits/chipmunks/jerboas
  3. Elven skills are a big joke. Hamstring is just like druid's root skill. No use till you are long ranged, which means it has no practical use outside arena. Traps and summoning skill? No comments :D While rogue skill makes them unstoppable. I can see them everywhere!!!
  4. Its sooo stupid to give so much power to the mcoins There's no point in making the game free to play anymore. You need mcoins to survive anyway
  5. Hmmm... I think i know something about it too :D
  6. To be frank, you are even more of an idiot. First, this is the closest thing in warspear to a mass movement and i'm the one whose struggling to get unbanned. Second, i just pointed out how warspear breaks their own rules which are meant to be followed. Third, i'm trying to be as nice as possible with the use of "please". *contradiction of the supposed fact*
  7. Yes. Even though i'm an elf, i agree that mcs in sapphire have superior tactics and are more organized
  8. Yes. Its fair only if drop mechanism depended individual luck and not the duration which the party spent on farming a boss. While we were farming animated armour for hours, and the one we were farming was just about to die, a new guy joined our party and got the drop. After all of our hard work -_-
  9. Bluedrago and Sorath are the best :D
  10. I've been waiting since yesterday evening If mc elf trade is not possible, is it completely useless if we get an mc drop?!
  11. So you're saying, a mass people movement against unfair administration is begging?! And our freedom fighters' mass movement with others' support against corrupt administration was begging?!
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