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  1. 18 minutes ago, LeeLoo said:

    Hey, this is because you did not take part in 1 stage of event. At such events you need to stay in the red zone for 30 seconds to be counted. For example, if you are standing at the location in the moment of completing of the event, but did not stand for 30 seconds, it will not count for you. 

    Hello, i got 30 sec done 1 stage  120 knowledge and 180 knowledge ponti, what think you?

  2. 1 hour ago, Holmes said:



    As you already know from the announcement, we have added over 40 new achievements, which means that the maximum number of Badges of Glory has grown significantly! So, for completing new challenges, you can get new unique rewards:

    • Barber Set of Leaders — for 650 Badges of Glory
    • "Emotional" Smileys - for 700 Badges of Glory
    • “Guardian of Order” costume - for 750 Badges of Glory 

    You can learn more about these trophies in the Achievements menu in the game itself. 

    750 Achievements no add 1 slot skill expert unlock?



  3. 2 hours ago, Danfake said:

    Last week I opened 200 baules of map2 in my necromancer, no dropped. 

    Today I opened again quite a few baul in the Chieftain, no drop. Assumed to be x2 drop. 

    At least I would have liked to have had the whole emoji collection, but even the emoji don't fall. 

    Let's laugh so we don't cry hahahaha



    I too open 200 chests only 1 drop book luck hard not easy :smoke:


  4. PvP 1vs1 I barbarian full set Greatness high stats 54% resistance and defence vs barbarian low stats 43% resistance and defence win like mermen set strong pve not resistance? trash Greatness armor set imperials ? what happened administrators? :facepalm:


    @Holmes @Nolan


    20210807_003331.jpg.f85db49803aa6f0f5e27dcbf28847f18.jpg This resistance nerf vs mermen set





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