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  1. sell/trade pm with offer (Darkarc). eu server-mc side.
  2. i will later :blush: edit: i made a mistake ;D btw i can get more if i got charms at my gloves.
  3. chickenfly and kazasker also leave game. :'(
  4. lol...im not asking u :lol: and thats is a joke..just want to see what them will say,if u want talking about loyalty u can ask my guild leader :pleasantry:
  5. ty jaaz aq try klu aq paham nk gne benda tu ;D
  6. ko gne ape jaaz?aq nk try jgak :cray:
  7. wow great..gl bro :good:
  8. :blush: frosty out and i in O:-)
  9. lol xD for what i need to lie? :lol: edit: already send that ss to u ;)
  10. im not talking at u :drinks:
  11. hassn was always pm me before i leave game for 1 months,and he say he like be friend with me . and also say he like me ..have ss of that ;)
  12. Bro i never ask hassn for amp me or gift me anything....and about that post its before i meet hassn ...and its a JOKE :facepalm:
  13. btw here some ss xD when i using my friend necro,,,
  14. roland change my name to ~DarkArc~ :blush:
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