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  1. I guess no one is banned for scamming since there's no writen rule about it
  2. I agree, they should be focusing on levels adding, nit that bullshit of emo memos
  3. You should know that it's quite hard to find apply punishments to all account traders and scammers, and even so there's always more of them appearing around, so that's why you see so many people doing it at WC
  4. Note that, when you created your account you were alerted that "Any and all trading related to players account is prohibited and ban worthy", and that point is always alerted to every player, it's said on the end user agreement and those who don't respect such rules, will and should be punished according to the rules, so if you really think it's wrong banning your character, just remember that you were alerted about this before creating your character.
  5. By the way, whats the exact day that WS forums got hacked? I were absent when it occured (It's just a wonder I have)
  6. I guess that's not a problem, mages aren't even mean't to stealth (ik you said that already), those caps/ink are quite a cheat against rogues, it's like if they were using some "ranger's blessing potion", but the point is, why waste time fixing minor "issues" like that?
  7. Btw, will we be able to update it from Google Play or only direct download from site?
  8. Welcome back to international forums Kuzmie
  9. Some may think it's dumb or useless adding weather\time effects but, that is a good idea of increasing gameplay interactvity, since we won't be always looking to the same view all time (it's as good as putting some epic music!), think about Pokémon game series, that small change in G\S\C (adding time of day) did not only add more fun to game, but also better dynamics, because you could find different nice things regarding the ToD (time of day). By the way, adding weather effects could also change some mechanics like, ie. During thunderstoms any eletric-based (ie. Shaman's stunning move) attack's effectiveness would be increased X%, or during rain any fire-based attacks (ie. Mage's Fireball) would be decreased X%. Those are some nice ideas you could think about adding to game, because it would add lot of fun to gameplay. Thanks for reading (if you read that all), Tiberium.
  10. That seems nice. (Hope someone vote for my rogue ), Btw my nominees are: Yushiko Lennojx Lestari Makhaveli Sparrowe Xicantwinx And more i don't remember now...
  11. Always asked why they never added this, those ideas are here since the update when arena was add.
  12. True necro is totally mess if compared to other classes at pvp, if you think a lot, only it's Nightmare skill (out of heal and shield) is a true dependable skill...
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