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  1. Sorc

    Server dead?

    Devs need a great imagination to fulfill player satisfaction in the future, otherwise the game really dies. A big visual update is also considerable, but it is a risky thing because it can lose the meaning and nostalgic warspear look we use to know. So at the moment i really can't think of any big changes that would make players more addicted to WS..
  2. Sorc

    Server dead?

    The game is similiar to runescape in some ways. It gets boring if you are not buying membership (mcoins here) and you just cannot keep up with others if you are free to play or get annoyed because of making money 24/7 .
  3. Sorc

    Help quest

    It is sad actually how every first map (forsaken especially) is empty and low levels can't handle the boss quests and are forced to put them on hold...but i guess that's the way it should be then.
  4. So it means i have to create an mc or legion character????
  5. Why i get the note: "You cannot create a hero, as there are too many heroes of the selected faction in this game realm." How the f*** is this even possible?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! }:[
  6. Hmm they look cool but 10 active skills!? it wont fit in then the max level should be 50-100 so it would be cool then
  7. i farmed demo minibosses next to him and i got 3 drops in a row
  8. Sorc


    Can someone put a updated version of ranger skillbuild!? :search:
  9. Sorc


    I want friends :friends: to farm with and do other cool stuff :blush: if someone wants to be my friend then just tell down here :drinks: :) im very friendly and trustful :)
  10. what????????lvl 3 power shot??? lvl 5 trap?? dude the best is: Lvl 5 scatter lvl 5 bless and lvl 5 powershot for me :P but searously this is BS that you wrote sorry man no this is shit
  11. (i dont have pics) but usually lvl 14 gear should be lvl 14 arena gear OR lvl 13 amped drop gear
  12. I know i cant change ur behavior but atleast im trying :dirol: because i have changed like 6 player behavior at mc :friends:
  13. its a suggestion to elfchosen to change their behaviour :wacko:
  14. Hey elf/chosen, WHY ARE YOU WHINING that mcsaken are stronger and they can do all quests and elf cant. I have done research and i found that almost 30% of the elfchosen have gone to mcsaken. WHYY??? :facepalm: 1. High prizes.( cmon why so high...at mcsaken there is like 1 costume kinda 10k-19k we have 15k-40k) 2.Elfchosen lose almost 70% of the battles BECAUSE they dont keep together.. :facepalm: ...Like searously ec-s can keep but they too fool and lazy. 3.THEY ARE THE BIGGEST CHATTERS...OMG IM NOT GONNA SAY NAMES BUT SOME GUYS/GIRLS ARE IN CHAT 24/7 SOO THEY ARE LAZY AND THEY WONT HELP ANYONE :mega_shok: . 4.NO HELP...as i said they are big chatters and they wont help anyone and there comes the 5. point: 5.They are not friendly...no words just be more FRIENDLY. One day i played and i saw lvl 13 asked from lvl 20 for help but lvl 20 answered: ''GO AWAY DICK NOOB'' elf/chosen think about this and we can be best tooif someone wants to add something then post it in comments im waiting :) im friendly always and im trying to do the same with others :) :drinks:
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