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  1. Yes, this true! My necromancer nickname is Axnec, then i was thinking to change nickname Axnec to Hannibal, but Hannibal name already taken by lvl1 :facepalm: and that account not active anymore :facepalm:
  2. weak for who don't know how to use skill with good timing :blush:
  3. I'm agree with this :dirol:
  4. Slot number 1 or 4 :pleasantry: possible will get gear level18. level18 weapon always in slot number 4 xd. why your karma -644 ? :crazy: :crazy:
  5. What you mean 'cool' profundo ? :lol: :lol: you're meaning sometimes :rofl:
  6. It will easy if you have 2-3 party for hunt Demonologist and 'other' will block elf too :blush:
  7. Axsiv


    I try change my skill before to Kick In The Back 4,Dodge 3 xD and get too many dodge against bladedancer time pvp.
  8. MOL is not a credit card. You can buy MOL from 7-Eleven shop.
  9. Why not buy miralce coins using MOL? :wacko: Miracle coins via SMS Payment very little value compared with MOL :fool:
  10. We will miss you, Oldman :cray:
  11. My Necro heal 788. Without use Gt Vestment and my Sd Stave charm astral xd
  12. This screenshot i take today at pvp cave. Is that Darkzain bd name now? :shok:
  13. I know, i'm have problem with English, i will try speak and make you understand. Trust me, i will hardworking doing quest everyday for earn more Guild Point for ABC Guild, help each other, make this clan better than other clan. Regards, Axsiv
  14. Hi All. Merc say : 'most member don't know you so you're gonna to be known by members more before joining'. So, i was thinking about this dialog. This dialog mean, I need pm all ABC member and introduce 'who i am, where have i been' to all member? And how about my post introduce before for them? I don't thing so they want know what time i eat,take shower,go fun with friend,what i'm eat everyday,about my real life what i'm doing. And yes, i'm always want PM Abc member if i see them online. Some member Abc guild i already pm just for saying 'Hi' at Cerial, Warlunatic, Span
  15. I introduce myself first, I'm Wan Affiq. From : Malaysia Age : 17 years old Live : Pasir Mas, Kelantan My character only in EU : > Axsiv [Rogue] level 20 > Axnec [Necromancer] level 20 > Soulalone [bladedancer] level 20 > Other rest, bank and low lvl char xd The truth about me : > I'm not good in English > I'm not good in comunity conversation, because my english :/ but i will try speaking good english :D > I always wanna be nice and make y'all happy, laugh if chat with me. > I try to be great player and helpful people if i'm not bu
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