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  1. - Gold spent to increase the level of the guild and skills will be returned. - Earned Guild Points. - Guild leader will receive Miracle Coins spent on guild leveling and the expansion of guild warehouse (will be returned today). my shaman used unity sign and gold to learn the guild skill.. and my shaman is not part of that guild anymore. will i get it back again also? please.answer me
  2. yah sexpert is right... azriell scam my 500k + 5 set of sign for lvl13 armor... but lucky someone gave me the kw armor... azriell didnt know it.. that guy knows the.pass and id of azriell.. sorry for.my bad english... btw im not the real rockerchix owner.. im her brother
  3. the 20mins for a minion is not good at all! Unless you are hassn lol wisely i wont waste my gold for a minion that last for only 20mins or until i die i rather earn my gold for some good items the skill not good also
  4. and our stun has no damage! Look at those stunner they has damage per second or bonus damage like shaman and dk, damage per second like bd if they rework our skill add damage per second via poison or instant damage
  5. i never scam anyone and i wont scam anyone only idiot will believe in fisherman
  6. fisherman want to ruin my good name as a trusted ppl in warspear ACCUSING mE that im a scammer lol lucky he pm me and i take screen shot poor fisherman, he cant take a good ppl down :P i got disconnected when trying to captured the first conversation between me and fisherman, if i got it, im sure all of you will laugh XD
  7. nice feedback, so im right! Ill better to mix resill and def. I have arena set when im swamp i used them. And kw set on war/hunt
  8. guys, i want to know which one to choose? Is it good not to enchant resill? All defence. Or mix with resill is much better? My friend said he has 3k def and he feels like he is a bd lol and always win in war against bd and druids with ease he also said livefox runs everytime he saw my friend XD if def is universal and resill lessen damage and crit which one to choose? Is resill good on hunt also? Or mixing it up will make elves cry?
  9. wew, mc side here, pinoypride po clan namin s mc, kasalukuyang 3 pinoypride guild na kmi, leader ako nung pang 3, wla p budget para s pang apat.
  10. not fast, its almost 10minutes, still cant play
  11. i notice when im not in guild the game is ok, but when i joined a guild, all of a sudden i began auto exit or auto disconnect, please fix it
  12. trade my sd staff (moon) for your kw armor add gold pm me in game, eu mc
  13. its me rockerchix =) eu-emerald rock!
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